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Amino acid-dependent activation of liver estrogen receptor alpha integrates metabolic and reproductive functions via IGF-1
S Della Torre, G Rando, C Meda, A Stell, P Chambon, A Krust, C Ibarra, ...
Cell Metabolism 13 (2), 205-214
New insights into the role of PPARs
A Montagner, G Rando, G Degueurce, N Leuenberger, L Michalik, ...
Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids
Multimodality imaging: novel pharmacological applications of reporter systems.
A Stell, S Belcredito, B Ramachandran, A Biserni, G Rando, P Ciana, ...
The quarterly journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging: official ...
The environmental chemical tributyltin chloride (TBT) shows both estrogenic and adipogenic activities in mice which might depend on the exposure dose
M Penza, M Jeremic, E Marrazzo, A Maggi, P Ciana, G Rando, ...
Toxicology and applied pharmacology 255 (1), 65-75
An innovative method to classify SERMs based on the dynamics of estrogen receptor transcriptional activity in living animals
G Rando, D Horner, A Biserni, B Ramachandran, D Caruso, P Ciana, ...
Molecular endocrinology 24 (4), 735-744
Differential effect of pure isoflavones and soymilk on estrogen receptor activity in mice
G Rando, B Ramachandran, M Rebecchi, P Ciana, A Maggi
Toxicology and applied pharmacology 237 (3), 288-297
Cancer modeling: modern imaging applications in the generation of novel animal model systems to study cancer progression and therapy
A Stell, A Biserni, SD Torre, G Rando, B Ramachandran, L Ottobrini, ...
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology 39 (7), 1288-1296
The conundrum of estrogen receptor oscillatory activity in the search for an appropriate hormone replacement therapy
S Della Torre, A Biserni, G Rando, G Monteleone, P Ciana, B Komm, ...
Endocrinology 152 (6), 2256-2265
Molecular imaging, an innovative methodology for whole-body profiling of endocrine disrupter action
D Di Lorenzo, G Rando, P Ciana, A Maggi
Toxicological sciences 106 (2), 304-311
Sex differences in nuclear receptor-regulated liver metabolic pathways
G Rando, W Wahli
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Basis of Disease 1812 (8), 964-973
Novel locally active estrogens accelerate cutaneous wound healing. A preliminary study
M Brufani, F Ceccacci, L Filocamo, B Garofalo, R Joudioux, A La Bella, ...
Molecular pharmaceutics 6 (2), 543-556
Profiling of drug action using reporter mice and molecular imaging
G Rando, A Biserni, P Ciana, A Maggi
Mouse models for drug discovery, 79-92
Role of the circadian clock gene< i> Per2</i> in adaptation to cold temperature
S Chappuis, JA Ripperger, A Schnell, G Rando, C Jud, W Wahli, ...
Molecular metabolism 2 (3), 184-193
Reporter mice for the study of intracellular receptor activity
A Maggi, G Rando
Molecular Endocrinology, 307-316
Automatic segmentation of mouse images
G Rando, E Casiraghi, S Arca, P Campadelli, A Maggi
Proc 10th European Congress of International Society for Stereology, Bologna ...
Estrogen receptor-mediated signalling in female mice is locally activated in response to wounding
E Emmerson, G Rando, C Meda, L Campbell, A Maggi, MJ Hardman
Molecular and cellular endocrinology 375 (1), 149-156
Estrogen Receptor‐mediated Transcriptional Activity of Genistein in the Mouse Testis
C Montani, M Penza, M Jeremic, G Rando, P Ciana, A Maggi, G La Sala, ...
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1163 (1), 475-477
The peroxisomal enzyme L-PBE is required to prevent the dietary toxicity of medium-chain fatty acids
J Ding, U Loizides-Mangold, G Rando, V Zoete, O Michielin, JK Reddy, ...
Cell reports 5 (1), 248-258
Molecular imaging of nuclear factor-Y transcriptional activity maps proliferation sites in live animals
F Goeman, I Manni, S Artuso, B Ramachandran, G Toietta, G Bossi, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 23 (8), 1467-1474
Beneficial effects of combinatorial micronutrition on body fat and atherosclerosis in mice
I El Kochairi, A Montagner, G Rando, C Lohmann, CM Matter, W Wahli
Cardiovascular research 91 (4), 732-741
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