Alex Ulianov
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Why large porphyry Cu deposits like high Sr/Y magmas?
M Chiaradia, A Ulianov, K Kouzmanov, B Beate
Scientific reports 2 (1), 685, 2012
Tectonomagmatic evolution of Western Amazonia: Geochemical characterization and zircon U-Pb geochronologic constraints from the Peruvian Eastern Cordilleran granitoids
A Mišković, RA Spikings, DM Chew, J Košler, A Ulianov, U Schaltegger
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Late Cretaceous arc development on the SW margin of the Caribbean Plate: Insights from the Golfito, Costa Rica, and Azuero, Panama, complexes
DM Buchs, RJ Arculus, PO Baumgartner, C Baumgartner‐Mora, A Ulianov
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 11 (7), 2010
Permo-Triassic anatexis, continental rifting and the disassembly of western Pangaea
R Cochrane, R Spikings, A Gerdes, A Ulianov, A Mora, D Villagómez, ...
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Gold nanoparticles functionalized with gadolinium chelates as high-relaxivity MRI contrast agents
L Moriggi, C Cannizzo, E Dumas, CR Mayer, A Ulianov, L Helm
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Zircon petrochronology reveals the temporal link between porphyry systems and the magmatic evolution of their hidden plutonic roots (the Eocene Coroccohuayco deposit, Peru)
C Chelle-Michou, M Chiaradia, M Ovtcharova, A Ulianov, JF Wotzlaw
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Palaeozoic to Early Jurassic history of the northwestern corner of Gondwana, and implications for the evolution of the Iapetus, Rheic and Pacific Oceans
R van der Lelij, R Spikings, A Ulianov, M Chiaradia, A Mora
Gondwana Research 31, 271-294, 2016
Proof-of-concept for facile perovskite solar cell recycling
JM Kadro, N Pellet, F Giordano, A Ulianov, O Müntener, J Maier, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (10), 3172-3179, 2016
Long-lived, stationary magmatism and pulsed porphyry systems during Tethyan subduction to post-collision evolution in the southernmost Lesser Caucasus, Armenia and Nakhitchevan
R Moritz, H Rezeau, M Ovtcharova, R Tayan, R Melkonyan, ...
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Characterisation of Triassic rifting in Peru and implications for the early disassembly of western Pangaea
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Distinguishing between in-situ and accretionary growth of continents along active margins
R Cochrane, R Spikings, A Gerdes, W Winkler, A Ulianov, A Mora, ...
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Trace element partitioning in HP–LT metamorphic assemblages during subduction-related metamorphism, Ile de Groix, France: a detailed LA-ICPMS study
A El Korh, ST Schmidt, A Ulianov, S Potel
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Temporal and genetic link between incremental pluton assembly and pulsed porphyry Cu-Mo formation in accretionary orogens
H Rezeau, R Moritz, JF Wotzlaw, R Tayan, R Melkonyan, A Ulianov, ...
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Oceanic intraplate volcanoes exposed: Example from seamounts accreted in Panama
DM Buchs, RJ Arculus, PO Baumgartner, A Ulianov
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Mesozoic arc magmatism along the southern Peruvian margin during Gondwana breakup and dispersal
F Boekhout, R Spikings, T Sempere, M Chiaradia, A Ulianov, ...
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The data treatment dependent variability of U–Pb zircon ages obtained using mono-collector, sector field, laser ablation ICPMS
A Ulianov, O Müntener, U Schaltegger, F Bussy
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 27 (4), 663-676, 2012
Control and study of the stoichiometry in evaporated perovskite solar cells
J Teuscher, A Ulianov, O Müntener, M Grätzel, N Tétreault
ChemSusChem 8 (22), 3847-3852, 2015
Cretaceous subduction-related magmatism and associated porphyry-type Cu–Mo prospects in the Eastern Pontides, Turkey: new constraints from geochronology and geochemistry
O Delibaş, R Moritz, A Ulianov, M Chiaradia, C Saraç, KM Revan, D Göç
Lithos 248, 119-137, 2016
Megacrystic zircon with planar fractures in miaskite-type nepheline pegmatites formed at high pressures in the lower crust (Ivrea Zone, southern Alps, Switzerland)
U Schaltegger, A Ulianov, O Müntener, M Ovtcharova, I Peytcheva, ...
American Mineralogist 100 (1), 83-94, 2015
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