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Collision vs. subduction-related magmatism: two contrasting ways of granite formation and implications for crustal growth
JF Moyen, O Laurent, C Chelle-Michou, S Couzinié, O Vanderhaeghe, ...
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Temporal relationships between Mg-K mafic magmatism and catastrophic melting of the Variscan crust in the southern part of Velay Complex (Massif Central, France)
S Couzinié, JF Moyen, A Villaros, JL Paquette, JH Scarrow, C Marignac
Journal of Geosciences 59, 1-18, 2014
Cadomian S-type granites as basement rocks of the Variscan belt (Massif Central, France): Implications for the crustal evolution of the north Gondwana margin
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Plutons and domes: the consequences of anatectic magma extraction—example from the southeastern French Massif Central
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Detrital zircon U–Pb–Hf systematics of Ediacaran metasediments from the French Massif Central: Consequences for the crustal evolution of the north Gondwana margin
S Couzinié, O Laurent, C Chelle-Michou, P Bouilhol, JL Paquette, ...
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A record of 0.5 Ga of evolution of the continental crust along the northern edge of the Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa: consequences for the understanding of Archean geodynamic …
A Vezinet, JF Moyen, G Stevens, G Nicoli, O Laurent, S Couzinié, D Frei
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Trace element partitioning during incipient melting of phlogopite-peridotite in the spinel and garnet stability fields
P Condamine, S Couzinié, A Fabbrizio, JL Devidal, E Médard
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 327, 53-78, 2022
Crystalline inliers near Lake Iro (SE Chad): Post-collisional Ediacaran A2-type granitic magmatism at the southern margin of the Saharan Metacraton
S Couzinié, RP Ménot, JC Doumnang, JL Paquette, P Rochette, ...
Journal of African Earth Sciences 172, 103960, 2020
When zircon drowns: Elusive geochronological record of water-fluxed orthogneiss melting in the Velay dome (Massif Central, France)
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Evolution of the continental crust and significance of the zircon record, a case study from the French Massif Central
S Couzinié
Ph. D. thesis. St Etienne - Stellenbosch, 2017
Ediacaran to lower Cambrian basement in eastern George V Land (Antarctica): Evidence from UPb dating of gneiss xenoliths and implications for the South Australia-East …
G Lamarque, J Bascou, RP Ménot, JL Paquette, S Couzinié, Y Rolland, ...
Lithos 318, 219-229, 2018
Timescales of ultra-high temperature metamorphism and crustal differentiation: Zircon petrochronology from granulite xenoliths of the Variscan French Massif Central
O Laurent, S Couzinié, LS Doucet
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 611, 118133, 2023
Cambro–Ordovician ferrosilicic magmatism along the northern Gondwana margin: constraints from the Cézarenque–Joyeuse gneiss complex (French Massif Central)
S Couzinié, P Bouilhol, O Laurent, T Grocolas, JM Montel
Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France 193 (1), 2022
U-Pb dating of Variscan igneous rocks from the eastern French Massif Central: southward migration of coeval crust-and mantle-melting witnesses late-orogenic slab retreat
O Laurent, S Couzinié, O Vanderhaeghe, A Zeh, JF Moyen, A Villaros, ...
Geologié de la France, The Variscan belt: correlations and plate dynamics …, 2015
A felsic meta-igneous source for Li-F-rich peraluminous granites: insights from the Variscan Velay dome (French Massif Central) and implications for rare-metal magmatism
C Ballouard, S Couzinié, P Bouilhol, M Harlaux, J Mercadier, JM Montel
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 178 (11), 75, 2023
Zircon U–Pb dating of the Montredon-Labessonnié orthogneiss by LA–ICP–MS: new evidence for late Ediacaran crustal melting in the French Massif Central
S Couzinié, O Laurent
Géologie de la France 2, 24-31, 2021
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