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Polarized light in liquid crystals and polymers
T Scharf
John Wiley & Sons, 2007
Design of an artificial three-dimensional composite metamaterial with magnetic resonances in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum
C Rockstuhl, F Lederer, C Etrich, T Pertsch, T Scharf
Physical review letters 99 (1), 017401, 2007
Engineering photonic nanojets
MS Kim, T Scharf, S Mühlig, C Rockstuhl, HP Herzig
Optics express 19 (11), 10206-10220, 2011
Microoptical telescope compound eye
J Duparré, P Schreiber, A Matthes, E Pshenay-Severin, A Bräuer, ...
Optics express 13 (3), 889-903, 2005
Optoelectronic reservoir computing: tackling noise-induced performance degradation
MC Soriano, S Ortín, D Brunner, L Larger, CR Mirasso, I Fischer, ...
Optics express 21 (1), 12-20, 2013
Ferrocene‐containing optically active liquid‐crystalline side‐chain polysiloxanes with planar chirality
J Brettar, T Bürgi, B Donnio, D Guillon, R Klappert, T Scharf, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 16 (2), 260-267, 2006
On the chromatic aberration of microlenses
P Ruffieux, T Scharf, HP Herzig, R Völkel, KJ Weible
Optics express 14 (11), 4687-4694, 2006
Analysis of nematic-liquid-crystal binary gratings with high spatial frequency
M Bouvier, T Scharf
Optical Engineering 39, 2000
New banana-shaped mesogens
W Weissflog, C Lischka, I Benne, T Scharf, G Pelzl, S Diele, H Kruth
Liquid Crystals: Chemistry and Structure 3319, 14-19, 1998
Understanding of photocurrent enhancement in real thin film solar cells: towards optimal one-dimensional gratings
A Naqavi, K Söderström, FJ Haug, V Paeder, T Scharf, HP Herzig, C Ballif
Optics Express 19 (1), 128-140, 2011
Small-size microlens characterization by multiwavelength high-resolution interference microscopy
MS Kim, T Scharf, HP Herzig
Optics express 18 (14), 14319-14329, 2010
Chemical nanopatterns via nanoimprint lithography for simultaneous control over azimuthal and polar alignment of liquid crystals
S Park, C Padeste, H Schift, J Gobrecht, T Scharf
Advanced Materials 17 (11), 1398-1401, 2005
Fast two-dimensional simultaneous phase unwrapping and low-pass filtering
MA Navarro, JC Estrada, M Servin, JA Quiroga, J Vargas
Optics express 20 (3), 2556-2561, 2012
A Self‐Organized Anisotropic Liquid‐Crystal Plasmonic Metamaterial
J Dintinger, BJ Tang, X Zeng, F Liu, T Kienzler, GH Mehl, G Ungar, ...
Advanced Materials 25 (14), 1999-2004, 2013
Artificial compound eyes: different concepts and their application for ultraflat image acquisition sensors
JW Duparre, P Schreiber, P Dannberg, T Scharf, P Pelli, R Völkel, ...
Moems and Miniaturized Systems IV 5346, 89-100, 2004
A bottom-up approach to fabricate optical metamaterials by self-assembled metallic nanoparticles
J Dintinger, S Mühlig, C Rockstuhl, T Scharf
Optical Materials Express 2 (3), 269-278, 2012
Liquid‐Crystalline Thiol‐and Disulfide‐Based Dendrimers for the Functionalization of Gold Nanoparticles. Preliminary Communication
S Frein, J Boudon, M Vonlanthen, T Scharf, J Barberá, G Süss‐Fink, ...
Helvetica Chimica Acta 91 (12), 2321-2337, 2008
A self-assembled three-dimensional cloak in the visible
S Mühlig, A Cunningham, J Dintinger, M Farhat, SB Hasan, T Scharf, ...
Scientific reports 3, 2328, 2013
Talbot images of wavelength-scale amplitude gratings
MS Kim, T Scharf, C Menzel, C Rockstuhl, HP Herzig
Optics express 20 (5), 4903-4920, 2012
Fabrication and characterization of linear diffusers based on concave micro lens arrays
R Bitterli, T Scharf, HP Herzig, W Noell, N de Rooij, A Bich, S Roth, ...
Optics express 18 (13), 14251-14261, 2010
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