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Provably secure and practical quantum key distribution over 307 km of optical fibre
RTHZ Boris Korzh, Charles Ci Wen Lim, Raphael Houlmann, Nicolas Gisin, Ming ...
Nature Photonics 9, 163–168, 2015
Experimental bit commitment based on quantum communication and special relativity
T Lunghi, J Kaniewski, F Bussieres, R Houlmann, M Tomamichel, A Kent, ...
Physical review letters 111 (18), 180504, 2013
A fast and versatile quantum key distribution system with hardware key distillation and wavelength multiplexing
N Walenta, A Burg, D Caselunghe, J Constantin, N Gisin, O Guinnard, ...
New Journal of Physics 16 (1), 013047, 2014
Practical relativistic bit commitment
T Lunghi, J Kaniewski, F Bussières, R Houlmann, M Tomamichel, ...
Physical review letters 115 (3), 030502, 2015
Sine gating detector with simple filtering for low-noise infra-red single photon detection at room temperature
N Walenta, T Lunghi, O Guinnard, R Houlmann, H Zbinden, N Gisin
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (6), 063106, 2012
Free-running single-photon detection based on a negative feedback InGaAs APD
T Lunghi, C Barreiro, O Guinnard, R Houlmann, X Jiang, MA Itzler, ...
Journal of Modern Optics 59 (17), 1481-1488, 2012
Megahertz-rate semi-device-independent quantum random number generators based on unambiguous state discrimination
JB Brask, A Martin, W Esposito, R Houlmann, J Bowles, H Zbinden, ...
Physical Review Applied 7 (5), 054018, 2017
24-hour relativistic bit commitment
E Verbanis, A Martin, R Houlmann, G Boso, F Bussières, H Zbinden
Physical review letters 117 (14), 140506, 2016
A high-speed multi-protocol quantum key distribution transmitter based on a dual-drive modulator
B Korzh, N Walenta, R Houlmann, H Zbinden
Optics express 21 (17), 19579-19592, 2013
Quantum random number generation for 1.25 GHz quantum key distribution systems
A Martin, B Sanguinetti, CCW Lim, R Houlmann, H Zbinden
Journal of Lightwave Technology 33 (13), 2855-2859, 2015
Simple 2.5 GHz time-bin quantum key distribution
A Boaron, B Korzh, R Houlmann, G Boso, D Rusca, S Gray, MJ Li, ...
Applied Physics Letters 112 (17), 171108, 2018
Parallel fed collinear dipole array antenna
EG Price, RF Gordon
US Patent 6,720,934, 2004
Detector-device-independent quantum key distribution: Security analysis and fast implementation
A Boaron, B Korzh, R Houlmann, G Boso, CCW Lim, A Martin, H Zbinden
Journal of Applied Physics 120 (6), 063101, 2016
An FPGA-based 4 Mbps secret key distillation engine for quantum key distribution systems
J Constantin, R Houlmann, N Preyss, N Walenta, H Zbinden, P Junod, ...
Journal of Signal Processing Systems 86 (1), 1-15, 2017
Nat. Photonics 9, 163 (2015)
B Korzh, CCW Lim, R Houlmann, N Gisin, MJ Li, D Nolan, B Sanguinetti, ...
Towards a North American QKD Backbone with Certifiable Security
N Walenta, D Caselunghe, S Chuard, M Domergue, M Hagerman, R Hart, ...
Proc. Qcrypt, 2015
1 Mbps coherent one-way QKD with dense wavelength division multiplexing and hardware key distillation
N Walenta, AP Burg, JHF Constantin, N Gisin, O Guinnard, R Houlmann, ...
2nd Annual Conference on Quantum Cryptography (QCRYPT 2012), 2012
Apparatus and method for low latency, reconfigurable and picosecond resolution time controller
B Sanguinetti, R Houlmann
US Patent App. 15/369,167, 2017
Practical aspects of security certification for commercial quantum technologies
N Walenta, M Soucarros, D Stucki, D Caselunghe, M Domergue, ...
Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems: Technology and Applications XII; and …, 2015
Continuous QKD and high speed data encryption
H Zbinden, N Walenta, O Guinnard, R Houlmann, CLC Wen, B Korzh, ...
Emerging Technologies in Security and Defence; and Quantum Security II; and …, 2013
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