Daniel  Angerhausen
Daniel Angerhausen
ETH Zürich, BMSIS - former: CSH Bern, NASA-GSFC, RPI
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Water, methane, and carbon dioxide present in the dayside spectrum of the exoplanet HD 209458b
MR Swain, G Tinetti, G Vasisht, P Deroo, C Griffith, J Bouwman, P Chen, ...
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Exoplanet biosignatures: observational prospects
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Thermochemical and photochemical kinetics in cooler hydrogen-dominated extrasolar planets: a methane-poor GJ436b?
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A comprehensive study of Kepler phase curves and secondary eclipses: Temperatures and albedos of confirmed Kepler giant planets
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KELT-16b: A highly irradiated, ultra-short period hot jupiter nearing tidal disruption
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Rapid classification of TESS planet candidates with convolutional neural networks
HP Osborn, M Ansdell, Y Ioannou, M Sasdelli, D Angerhausen, ...
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Experimental astronomy, 1-25, 2021
EXONEST: Bayesian model selection applied to the detection and characterization of exoplanets via photometric variations
B Placek, KH Knuth, D Angerhausen
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An Unusual Transmission Spectrum for the Sub-Saturn KELT-11b Suggestive of a Subsolar Water Abundance
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Large interferometer for exoplanets (LIFE)-III. Spectral resolution, wavelength range, and sensitivity requirements based on atmospheric retrieval analyses of an exo-earth
BS Konrad, E Alei, SP Quanz, D Angerhausen, Ó Carrión-González, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 664, A23, 2022
A statistical search for a population of exo-trojans in the Kepler data set
M Hippke, D Angerhausen
The Astrophysical Journal 811 (1), 1, 2015
A Statistical Analysis of the Accuracy of the Digitized Magnitudes of Photometric Plates on the Timescale of Decades with an Application to the Century-long Light Curve of KIC …
M Hippke, D Angerhausen, MB Lund, J Pepper, KG Stassun
The Astrophysical Journal 825 (1), 73, 2016
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