Rafael Abargues
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Nanotexturing to enhance photoluminescent response of atomically thin indium selenide with highly tunable band gap
M Brotons-Gisbert, D Andres-Penares, J Suh, F Hidalgo, R Abargues, ...
Nano letters 16 (5), 3221-3229, 2016
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R Abargues, J Marqués-Hueso, J Canet-Ferrer, E Pedrueza, JL Valdés, ...
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Laser-Ablation-Induced Synthesis of SiO2-Capped Noble Metal Nanoparticles in a Single Step
E Jimenez, K Abderrafi, R Abargues, JL Valdes, JP Martinez-Pastor
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Ag and Au/DNQ-novolac nanocomposites patternable by ultraviolet lithography: a fast route to plasmonic sensor microfabrication
J Marqués-Hueso, R Abargues, JL Valdés, JP Martínez-Pastor
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (35), 7436-7443, 2010
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A Bueno, I Suárez, R Abargues, S Sales, JPM Pastor
IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL 12 (10), 3069, 2012
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