Natalie Banerji
Natalie Banerji
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Photoproduction of proton gradients with π-stacked fluorophore scaffolds in lipid bilayers
S Bhosale, AL Sisson, P Talukdar, A Fürstenberg, N Banerji, E Vauthey, ...
Science 313 (5783), 84-86, 2006
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SR Cowan, N Banerji, WL Leong, AJ Heeger
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N Banerji, S Cowan, E Vauthey, AJ Heeger
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Identifying a Threshold Impurity Level for Organic Solar Cells: Enhanced First‐Order Recombination Via Well‐Defined PC84BM Traps in Organic Bulk …
SR Cowan, WL Leong, N Banerji, G Dennler, AJ Heeger
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RSK Kishore, O Kel, N Banerji, D Emery, G Bollot, J Mareda, ...
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N Banerji
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Breaking down the problem: optical transitions, electronic structure, and photoconductivity in conjugated polymer PCDTBT and in its separate building blocks
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Excited-state dynamics of hybrid multichromophoric systems: toward an excitation wavelength control of the charge separation pathways
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Nature communications 7 (1), 1-10, 2016
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