Marc-Andre Fortin
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Polyethylene glycol-covered ultra-small Gd2O3 nanoparticles for positive contrast at 1.5 T magnetic resonance clinical scanning
MA Fortin, RM Petoral, F Söderlind, A Klasson, M Engström, T Veres, ...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Tb3+-Doped Gd2O3 Nanocrystals: A Bifunctional Material with Combined Fluorescent Labeling and MRI Contrast Agent …
RM Petoral Jr, F Soderlind, A Klasson, A Suska, MA Fortin, N Abrikossova, ...
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R Naccache, P Chevallier, J Lagueux, Y Gossuin, S Laurent, ...
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Approach to hemoptysis in the modern era
S Gagnon, N Quigley, H Dutau, A Delage, M Fortin
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Manganese-impregnated mesoporous silica nanoparticles for signal enhancement in MRI cell labelling studies
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Labelling chemistry and characterization of [90Y/177Lu]-DOTA-ZHER2: 342-3 Affibody molecule, a candidate agent for locoregional treatment of urinary bladder carcinoma
MA Fortin, A Orlova, PU Malmström, V Tolmachev
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M Laprise‐Pelletier, J Lagueux, MF Côté, T LaGrange, MA Fortin
Advanced healthcare materials 6 (4), 1601120, 2017
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