Peter G Stratton
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Imagined gait modulates neuronal network dynamics in the human pedunculopontine nucleus
TL Tattersall, PG Stratton, TJ Coyne, R Cook, P Silberstein, PA Silburn, ...
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P Stratton, A Cheung, J Wiles, E Kiyatkin, P Sah, F Windels
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P Stratton, J Wiles
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Single-unit activity of the anterior Globus pallidus internus in Tourette patients and posterior Globus pallidus internus in dystonic patients
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J Wiles, D Ball, S Heath, C Nolan, P Stratton
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F Windels, S Yan, PG Stratton, R Sullivan, JW Crane, P Sah
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Hippocampus–Prefrontal Coupling Regulates Recognition Memory for Novelty Discrimination
C Wang, TM Furlong, PG Stratton, CCY Lee, L Xu, S Merlin, C Nolan, ...
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Conduction delay plasticity can robustly learn spatiotemporal patterns embedded in noise
J Arnold, P Stratton, J Wiles
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Comparing kurtosis score to traditional statistical metrics for characterizing the structure in neural ensemble activity
P Stratton, J Wiles
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A Spiking Neural Network Based Auto-encoder for Anomaly Detection in Streaming Data
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Unlocking neural complexity with a robotic key
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The Journal of Physiology 594 (22), 6559-6567, 2016
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