Christian Rellstab
Christian Rellstab
WSL, Birmensdorf, Switzerland
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A practical guide to environmental association analysis in landscape genomics
C Rellstab, F Gugerli, AJ Eckert, AM Hancock, R Holderegger
Molecular Ecology 24 (17), 4348-4370, 2015
Estimating genomic diversity and population differentiation–an empirical comparison of microsatellite and SNP variation in Arabidopsis halleri
MC Fischer, C Rellstab, M Leuzinger, M Roumet, F Gugerli, KK Shimizu, ...
BMC genomics 18 (1), 1-15, 2017
Effects of Alpine hydropower dams on particle transport and lacustrine sedimentation
FS Anselmetti, R Bühler, D Finger, S Girardclos, A Lancini, C Rellstab, ...
Aquatic sciences 69 (2), 179-198, 2007
Population genomic footprints of selection and associations with climate in natural populations of Arabidopsis halleri from the Alps
MC Fischer, C Rellstab, A Tedder, S Zoller, F Gugerli, KK Shimizu, ...
Molecular ecology 22 (22), 5594-5607, 2013
Signatures of local adaptation in candidate genes of oaks (Quercus spp.) with respect to present and future climatic conditions
C Rellstab, S Zoller, L Walthert, I Lesur, AR Pluess, R Graf, C Bodénès, ...
Molecular Ecology 25 (23), 5907-5924, 2016
Is the population genetic structure of complex life cycle parasites determined by the geographic range of the most motile host?
KR Louhi, A Karvonen, C Rellstab, J Jokela
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 10 (8), 1271-1277, 2010
Validation of SNP allele frequencies determined by pooled next-generation sequencing in natural populations of a non-model plant species
C Rellstab, S Zoller, A Tedder, F Gugerli, MC Fischer
PloS one 8 (11), e80422, 2013
Synchronous attack is advantageous: mixed genotype infections lead to higher infection success in trematode parasites
A Karvonen, C Rellstab, KR Louhi, J Jokela
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 279 (1726), 171-176, 2012
Water temperature, not fish morph, determines parasite infections of sympatric Icelandic threespine sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus)
A Karvonen, BK Kristjánsson, S Skúlason, M Lanki, C Rellstab, J Jokela
Ecology and evolution 3 (6), 1507-1517, 2013
Evolutionary genomics can improve prediction of species’ responses to climate change
AM Waldvogel, B Feldmeyer, G Rolshausen, M Exposito‐Alonso, ...
Evolution Letters 4 (1), 4-18, 2020
Analysis of trematode parasite communities in fish eye lenses by pyrosequencing of naturally pooled DNA
C Rellstab, KR Louhi, A Karvonen, J Jokela
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 11 (6), 1276-1286, 2011
The sedimentary response to a pioneer geo‐engineering project: Tracking the Kander River deviation in the sediments of Lake Thun (Switzerland)
SB Wirth, S Girardclos, C Rellstab, FS Anselmetti
Sedimentology 58 (7), 1737-1761, 2011
Local adaptation (mostly) remains local: reassessing environmental associations of climate-related candidate SNPs in Arabidopsis halleri
C Rellstab, MC Fischer, S Zoller, R Graf, A Tedder, KK Shimizu, A Widmer, ...
Heredity 118 (2), 193-201, 2017
Detecting the genomic signal of polygenic adaptation and the role of epistasis in evolution
K Csilléry, A Rodríguez‐Verdugo, C Rellstab, F Guillaume
Molecular ecology 27 (3), 606-612, 2018
Effect of the filter feeder Daphnia on the particle size distribution of inorganic colloids in freshwaters
M Filella, C Rellstab, V Chanudet, P Spaak
Water research 42 (8-9), 1919-1924, 2008
Bottom-up control of whitefish populations in ultra-oligotrophic Lake Brienz
R Müller, M Breitenstein, MM Bia, C Rellstab, A Kirchhofer
Aquatic Sciences 69 (2), 271-288, 2007
Comparative assessment of SSR and SNP markers for inferring the population genetic structure of the common fungus Armillaria cepistipes
T Tsykun, C Rellstab, C Dutech, G Sipos, S Prospero
Heredity 119 (5), 371-380, 2017
Anthropogenic eutrophication shapes the past and present taxonomic composition of hybridizing Daphnia in unproductive lakes
C Rellstab, B Keller, S Girardclos, FS Anselmetti, P Spaak
Limnology and oceanography 56 (1), 292-302, 2011
Temporary collapse of the Daphnia population in turbid and ultra-oligotrophic Lake Brienz
C Rellstab, V Maurer, M Zeh, HR Bürgi, P Spaak
Aquatic sciences 69 (2), 257-270, 2007
Starving with a full gut? Effect of suspended particles on the fitness of Daphnia hyalina
C Rellstab, P Spaak
Hydrobiologia 594 (1), 131-139, 2007
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