Lim Ci Wen, Charles
Lim Ci Wen, Charles
Faculty of Engineering and Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS
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Tight finite-key analysis for quantum cryptography
M Tomamichel*, CCW Lim*, N Gisin, R Renner
Nature communications 3, 634, 2012
Detection-loophole-free test of quantum nonlocality, and applications
BG Christensen, KT McCusker, JB Altepeter, B Calkins, T Gerrits, AE Lita, ...
Physical review letters 111 (13), 130406, 2013
Provably secure and practical quantum key distribution over 307 km of optical fibre
B Korzh*, CCW Lim*, R Houlmann, N Gisin, MJ Li, D Nolan, B Sanguinetti, ...
Nature Photonics 9 (3), 163-168, 2015
Finite-key analysis for measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution
M Curty, F Xu, W Cui, CCW Lim, K Tamaki, HK Lo
Nature Communications 5, 3732, 2014
Concise security bounds for practical decoy-state quantum key distribution
CCW Lim, M Curty, N Walenta, F Xu, H Zbinden
Physical Review A 89 (2), 022307, 2014
Self-testing quantum random number generator
T Lunghi, JB Brask, CCW Lim, Q Lavigne, J Bowles, A Martin, H Zbinden, ...
Physical review letters 114 (15), 150501, 2015
Device-independent quantum key distribution with local Bell test
CCW Lim, C Portmann, M Tomamichel, R Renner, N Gisin
Physical Review X 3 (3), 031006, 2013
A fast and versatile quantum key distribution system with hardware key distillation and wavelength multiplexing
N Walenta, A Burg, D Caselunghe, J Constantin, N Gisin, O Guinnard, ...
New Journal of Physics 16 (1), 013047, 2014
Provably secure and high-rate quantum key distribution with time-bin qudits
NT Islam*, CCW Lim*, C Cahall, J Kim, DJ Gauthier
Science advances 3 (11), e1701491, 2017
Security of distributed-phase-reference quantum key distribution
T Moroder, M Curty, CCW Lim, H Zbinden, N Gisin
Physical review letters 109 (26), 260501, 2012
Random variation of detector efficiency: A countermeasure against detector blinding attacks for quantum key distribution
CCW Lim, N Walenta, M Legré, N Gisin, H Zbinden
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 21 (3), 192-196, 2015
Finite-key security analysis of quantum key distribution with imperfect light sources
A Mizutani, M Curty, CCW Lim, N Imoto, K Tamaki
New Journal of Physics 17 (9), 093011, 2015
Detector-device-independent quantum key distribution
CCW Lim, B Korzh, A Martin, F Bussieres, R Thew, H Zbinden
Applied Physics Letters 105 (22), 221112, 2014
Quantum random number generation for 1.25-GHz quantum key distribution systems
A Martin, B Sanguinetti, CCW Lim, R Houlmann, H Zbinden
Journal of Lightwave Technology 33 (13), 2855-2859, 2015
Resource-efficient measurement device independent entanglement witness
E Verbanis, A Martin, D Rosset, CCW Lim, RT Thew, H Zbinden
Phys. Rev. Lett. 116 (190501), 2016
Challenging preconceptions about Bell tests with photon pairs
VC Vivoli, P Sekatski, JD Bancal, CCW Lim, BG Christensen, A Martin, ...
Physical Review A 91 (1), 012107, 2015
Comparing different approaches for generating random numbers device-independently using a photon pair source
VC Vivoli, P Sekatski, JD Bancal, CCW Lim, A Martin, RT Thew, ...
New Journal of Physics 17 (2), 023023 (2015), 2015
Symmetric blind information reconciliation for quantum key distribution
EO Kiktenko, AS Trushechkin, CCW Lim*, YV Kurochkin*, AK Fedorov*
Physical Review Applied 8 (4), 044017, 2017
Noise analysis of simultaneous quantum key distribution and classical communication scheme using a true local oscillator
B Qi, CCW Lim
Physical Review Applied 9 (5), 054008, 2018
Reconfigurable generation and measurement of mutually unbiased bases for time-bin qudits
JM Lukens, NT Islam, CCW Lim, DJ Gauthier
Appl. Phys. Lett. 112, 111102 (2018), 2018
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