Paolo Arosio
Paolo Arosio
Assistant Professor, ETH Zurich
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On the lag phase in amyloid fibril formation
P Arosio, TPJ Knowles, S Linse
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17, 7606-7618, 2015
Self-assembling peptide and protein amyloids: from structure to tailored function in nanotechnology
G Wei, Z Su, NP Reynolds, P Arosio, IW Hamley, E Gazit, R Mezzenga
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G Meisl, JB Kirkegaard, P Arosio, TCT Michaels, M Vendruscolo, ...
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N Lorenzen, SB Nielsen, AK Buell, JD Kaspersen, P Arosio, BS Vad, ...
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Chemical kinetics for drug discovery to combat protein aggregation diseases
P Arosio, M Vendruscolo, CM Dobson, TPJ Knowles
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Kinetic analysis reveals the diversity of microscopic mechanisms through which molecular chaperones suppress amyloid formation
P Arosio, TCT Michaels, S Linse, C Mnsson, C Emanuelsson, J Presto, ...
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Systematic development of small molecules to inhibit specific microscopic steps of Aβ42 aggregation in Alzheimer’s disease
J Habchi, S Chia, R Limbocker, B Mannini, M Ahn, M Perni, O Hansson, ...
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An anticancer drug suppresses the primary nucleation reaction that initiates the production of the toxic Aβ42 aggregates linked with Alzheimer’s disease
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The S/T-rich motif in the DNAJB6 chaperone delays polyglutamine aggregation and the onset of disease in a mouse model
V Kakkar, C Mnsson, EP de Mattos, S Bergink, M van der Zwaag, ...
Molecular cell 62 (2), 272-283, 2016
Dynamics of oligomer populations formed during the aggregation of Alzheimer’s Aβ42 peptide
TCT Michaels, A Šarić, S Curk, K Bernfur, P Arosio, G Meisl, AJ Dear, ...
Nature chemistry 12 (5), 445-451, 2020
Quantification of the concentration of Aβ42 propagons during the lag phase by an amyloid chain reaction assay
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Selective targeting of primary and secondary nucleation pathways in Aβ42 aggregation using a rational antibody scanning method
FA Aprile, P Sormanni, M Perni, P Arosio, S Linse, TPJ Knowles, ...
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Aggregation mechanism of an IgG2 and two IgG1 monoclonal antibodies at low pH: from oligomers to larger aggregates
P Arosio, S Rima, M Morbidelli
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Secondary nucleation and elongation occur at different sites on Alzheimer’s amyloid-β aggregates
T Scheidt, U Łapińska, JR Kumita, DR Whiten, D Klenerman, MR Wilson, ...
Science Advances 5 (4), eaau3112, 2019
Interaction of the molecular chaperone DNAJB6 with growing amyloid-beta 42 (Aβ42) aggregates leads to sub-stoichiometric inhibition of amyloid formation
C Mnsson, P Arosio, R Hussein, HH Kampinga, RM Hashem, ...
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Aggregation stability of a monoclonal antibody during downstream processing
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Structural ensembles of membrane-bound α-synuclein reveal the molecular determinants of synaptic vesicle affinity
G Fusco, A De Simone, P Arosio, M Vendruscolo, G Veglia, CM Dobson
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Population balance modeling of antibodies aggregation kinetics
P Arosio, S Rima, M Lattuada, M Morbidelli
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (24), 7066-7075, 2012
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