Matija Gatalo
Matija Gatalo
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Cited by
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A Double‐Passivation Water‐Based Galvanic Displacement Method for Reproducible Gram‐Scale Production of High‐Performance Platinum‐Alloy Electrocatalysts
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Toward the continuous production of multigram quantities of highly uniform supported metallic nanoparticles and their application for synthesis of superior intermetallic Pt …
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Gold Doping in PtCu3/HSAC Nanoparticles and Their Morphological, Structural, and Compositional Changes during Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrochemical …
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Importance of Chemical Activation and the Effect of Low Operation Voltage on the Performance of Pt-Alloy Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts
MG Matija Gatalo, Alejandro Martinez Bonastre*, Léonard Jean Moriau, Harriet ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials 5 (7), 8862–8877, 2022
Graphene-Derived Carbon Support Boosts Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Catalyst Stability
L Pavko, M Gatalo, M Finšgar, F Ruiz-Zepeda, K Ehelebe, P Kaiser, ...
ACS catalysis 12 (15), 9540-9548, 2022
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