Michele Sessolo
Michele Sessolo
University of Valencia - Instituto de Ciencia Molecular
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High transconductance organic electrochemical transistors
D Khodagholy, J Rivnay, M Sessolo, M Gurfinkel, P Leleux, LH Jimison, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1-6, 2013
Simultaneous determination of carrier lifetime and electron density-of-states in P3HT: PCBM organic solar cells under illumination by impedance spectroscopy
G Garcia-Belmonte, PP Boix, J Bisquert, M Sessolo, HJ Bolink
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 94 (2), 366-375, 2010
Structural control of mixed ionic and electronic transport in conducting polymers
J Rivnay, S Inal, BA Collins, M Sessolo, E Stavrinidou, X Strakosas, ...
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Hybrid organic–inorganic light‐emitting diodes
M Sessolo, HJ Bolink
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High-performance transistors for bioelectronics through tuning of channel thickness
J Rivnay, P Leleux, M Ferro, M Sessolo, A Williamson, DA Koutsouras, ...
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HJ Bolink, E Coronado, J Orozco, M Sessolo
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Long‐Living Light‐Emitting Electrochemical Cells–Control through Supramolecular Interactions
HJ Bolink, E Coronado, RD Costa, E Ortí, M Sessolo, S Graber, K Doyle, ...
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HJ Bolink, E Coronado, D Repetto, M Sessolo, EM Barea, J Bisquert, ...
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HJ Bolink, E Coronado, D Repetto, M Sessolo
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M Sessolo, D Khodagholy, J Rivnay, F Maddalena, M Gleyzes, E Steidl, ...
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Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (32), 10252-10259, 2016
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