Julien Frey, Ph.D.
Julien Frey, Ph.D.
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Acid-induced degradation of phosphorescent dopants for OLEDs and its application to the synthesis of tris-heteroleptic iridium (III) bis-cyclometalated complexes
E Baranoff, BFE Curchod, J Frey, R Scopelliti, F Kessler, I Tavernelli, ...
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JP Collin, J Frey, V Heitz, JP Sauvage, C Tock, L Allouche
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (15), 5609-5620, 2009
Synthesis of a Bis‐macrocycle Containing Two Back‐to‐Back Rigidly Connected 1, 10‐Phenanthroline Units as a Central Core and its Incorporation in a Handcuff‐Like Catenane
J Frey, T Kraus, V Heitz, JP Sauvage
Chemistry–A European Journal 13 (27), 7584-7594, 2007
Charged bis-cyclometalated iridium (III) complexes with carbene-based ancillary ligands
F Monti, F Kessler, M Delgado, J Frey, F Bazzanini, G Accorsi, N Armaroli, ...
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J Frey, C Tock, JP Collin, V Heitz, JP Sauvage
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Structure–property relationships based on Hammett constants in cyclometalated iridium (III) complexes: their application to the design of a fluorine-free FIrPic-like emitter
J Frey, BFE Curchod, R Scopelliti, I Tavernelli, U Rothlisberger, ...
Dalton Transactions 43 (15), 5667-5679, 2014
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D Tordera, M Delgado, E Ortí, HJ Bolink, J Frey, MK Nazeeruddin, ...
Chemistry of Materials 24 (10), 1896-1903, 2012
A new generation of platinum and iodine free efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
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Investigation of electrodeposited cobalt sulphide counter electrodes and their application in next-generation dye sensitized solar cells featuring organic dyes and cobalt-based …
SK Swami, N Chaturvedi, A Kumar, R Kapoor, V Dutta, J Frey, T Moehl, ...
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Cyclic [2] pseudorotaxane tetramers consisting of two rigid rods threaded through two bis-macrocycles: copper (I)-templated synthesis and X-ray structure studies
J Frey, C Tock, JP Collin, V Heitz, JP Sauvage, K Rissanen
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (33), 11013-11022, 2008
Low current density driving leads to efficient, bright and stable green electroluminescence
D Tordera, J Frey, D Vonlanthen, E Constable, A Pertegás, E Ortí, ...
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Synthesis, characterization and ab initio investigation of a panchromatic ullazine–porphyrin photosensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cells
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From chemical topology to molecular machines
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Photonic modulation of electron transfer with switchable phase inversion
J Frey, G Kodis, SD Straight, TA Moore, AL Moore, D Gust
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117 (3), 607-615, 2013
Transition‐metal‐complexed cyclic [3]‐and [4] pseudorotaxanes containing rigid ring‐and‐filament conjugates: synthesis and solution studies
J Voignier, J Frey, T Kraus, M Buděšínský, J Cvačka, V Heitz, JP Sauvage
Chemistry–A European Journal 17 (19), 5404-5414, 2011
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