Dion, Vincent
Dion, Vincent
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Increased mobility of double-strand breaks requires Mec1, Rad9 and the homologous recombination machinery
V Dion, V Kalck, C Horigome, BD Towbin, SM Gasser
Nature cell biology 14 (5), 502-509, 2012
Chromatin Movement in the Maintenance of Genome Stability
V Dion, SM Gasser
Cell 152 (6), 1355-1364, 2013
Targeted INO80 enhances subnuclear chromatin movement and ectopic homologous recombination
FR Neumann, V Dion, LR Gehlen, M Tsai-Pflugfelder, R Schmid, A Taddei, ...
Genes & Development 26 (4), 369-383, 2012
SWR1 and INO80 chromatin remodelers contribute to DNA double-strand break perinuclear anchorage site choice
C Horigome, Y Oma, T Konishi, R Schmid, I Marcomini, MH Hauer, V Dion, ...
Molecular cell 55 (4), 626-639, 2014
Transcription promotes contraction of CAG repeat tracts in human cells
Y Lin, V Dion, JH Wilson
Nature structural & molecular biology 13 (2), 179-180, 2006
Checkpoint kinases and the INO80 nucleosome remodeling complex enhance global chromatin mobility in response to DNA damage
A Seeber, V Dion, SM Gasser
Genes & development 27 (18), 1999-2008, 2013
Instability and chromatin structure of expanded trinucleotide repeats
V Dion, JH Wilson
Trends in Genetics 25 (7), 288-297, 2009
Regulation of recombination at yeast nuclear pores controls repair and triplet repeat stability
XA Su, V Dion, SM Gasser, CH Freudenreich
Genes & development 29 (10), 1006-1017, 2015
Cohesin and the nucleolus constrain the mobility of spontaneous repair foci
V Dion, V Kalck, A Seeber, T Schleker, SM Gasser
EMBO reports 14 (11), 984-991, 2013
Dnmt1 deficiency promotes CAG repeat expansion in the mouse germline
V Dion, Y Lin, L Hubert Jr, RA Waterland, JH Wilson
Human molecular genetics 17 (9), 1306-1317, 2008
Regulation of nuclear positioning and dynamics of the silent mating type loci by the yeast Ku70/Ku80 complex
K Bystricky, H Van Attikum, MD Montiel, V Dion, L Gehlen, SM Gasser
Molecular and cellular biology 29 (3), 835-848, 2009
Xpa deficiency reduces CAG trinucleotide repeat instability in neuronal tissues in a mouse model of SCA1
L Hubert Jr, Y Lin, V Dion, JH Wilson
Human molecular genetics 20 (24), 4822-4830, 2011
Actin-related proteins in the nucleus: life beyond chromatin remodelers
V Dion, K Shimada, SM Gasser
Current opinion in cell biology 22 (3), 383-391, 2010
Contracting CAG/CTG repeats using the CRISPR-Cas9 nickase
C Cinesi, L Aeschbach, B Yang, V Dion
Nature communications 7 (1), 13272, 2016
Tissue specificity in DNA repair: lessons from trinucleotide repeat instability
V Dion
Trends in genetics 30 (6), 220-229, 2014
Topoisomerase 1 and single-strand break repair modulate transcription-induced CAG repeat contraction in human cells
L Hubert Jr, Y Lin, V Dion, JH Wilson
Molecular and Cellular Biology 31 (15), 3105-3112, 2011
Selectable system for monitoring the instability of CTG/CAG triplet repeats in mammalian cells
V Gorbunova, A Seluanov, V Dion, Z Sandor, JL Meservy, JH Wilson
Molecular and Cellular Biology 23 (13), 4485-4493, 2003
Modifiers of CAG/CTG repeat instability: insights from mammalian models
VC Wheeler, V Dion
Journal of Huntington's Disease 10 (1), 123-148, 2021
How broken DNA finds its template for repair: a computational approach
LR Gehlen, SM Gasser, V Dion
Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement 191, 20-29, 2011
Reversible Top1 cleavage complexes are stabilized strand-specifically at the ribosomal replication fork barrier and contribute to ribosomal DNA stability
C Krawczyk, V Dion, P Schär, O Fritsch
Nucleic acids research 42 (8), 4985-4995, 2014
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