Dimitrije Markovic
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Power laws and self-organized criticality in theory and nature
D Marković, C Gros
Physics Reports 536 (2), 41-74, 2014
Neuronal message passing using Mean-field, Bethe, and Marginal approximations
T Parr, D Markovic, SJ Kiebel, KJ Friston
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D Marković, C Gros
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C Gros, G Kaczor, D Marković
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N Malešević, D Marković, G Kanitz, M Controzzi, C Cipriani, C Antfolk
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Decoding of individual finger movements from surface EMG signals using vector autoregressive hierarchical hidden Markov models (VARHHMM)
N Malešević, D Marković, G Kanitz, M Controzzi, C Cipriani, C Antfolk
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D Marković, SJ Kiebel
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Predicting the cumulative medical load of COVID-19 outbreaks after the peak in daily fatalities
C Gros, R Valenti, L Schneider, B Gutsche, D Marković
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Dynamic integration of forward planning and heuristic preferences during multiple goal pursuit
F Ott, D Marković, A Strobel, SJ Kiebel
PLOS Computational Biology 16 (2), e1007685, 2020
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