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Mohammad Sohail Asghar
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Evidence for a vascular factor in migraine
MS Asghar, AE Hansen, FM Amin, RJ Van Der Geest, P Koning, ...
Annals of neurology 69 (4), 635-645, 2011
Magnetic resonance angiography of intracranial and extracranial arteries in patients with spontaneous migraine without aura: a cross-sectional study
FM Amin, MS Asghar, A Hougaard, AE Hansen, VA Larsen, ...
The Lancet Neurology 12 (5), 454-461, 2013
Effects of tonabersat on migraine with aura: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study
AW Hauge, MS Asghar, HW Schytz, K Christensen, J Olesen
The Lancet Neurology 8 (8), 718-723, 2009
Investigation of the pathophysiological mechanisms of migraine attacks induced by pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide-38
FM Amin, A Hougaard, HW Schytz, MS Asghar, E Lundholm, AI Parvaiz, ...
Brain 137 (3), 779-794, 2014
Dilation by CGRP of middle meningeal artery and reversal by sumatriptan in normal volunteers
MS Asghar, AE Hansen, T Kapijimpanga, RJ Van Der Geest, ...
Neurology 75 (17), 1520-1526, 2010
Headache and prolonged dilatation of the middle meningeal artery by PACAP38 in healthy volunteers
FM Amin, MS Asghar, S Guo, A Hougaard, AE Hansen, HW Schytz, ...
Cephalalgia 32 (2), 140-149, 2012
Change in brain network connectivity during PACAP38-induced migraine attacks: a resting-state functional MRI study
FM Amin, A Hougaard, S Magon, MS Asghar, NN Ahmad, E Rostrup, ...
Neurology 86 (2), 180-187, 2016
Interhemispheric differences of fMRI responses to visual stimuli in patients with side‐fixed migraine aura
A Hougaard, FM Amin, MB Hoffmann, E Rostrup, HBW Larsson, ...
Human brain mapping 35 (6), 2714-2723, 2014
Spectrum of MTHFR gene SNPs C677T and A1298C: a study among 23 population groups of India
KN Saraswathy, M Asghar, R Samtani, B Murry, PR Mondal, PK Ghosh, ...
Molecular Biology Reports 39 (4), 5025-5031, 2012
Effect of CGRP and sumatriptan on the BOLD response in visual cortex
MS Asghar, AE Hansen, HBW Larsson, J Olesen, M Ashina
The journal of headache and pain 13 (2), 159, 2012
The effect of sumatriptan on cephalic arteries-3T MR-angiography study in healthy volunteers
FM Amin, MS Asghar, JW Ravneberg, PJH de Koning, HBW Larsson, ...
The journal of headache and pain 14 (1), P210, 2013
Association of common genetic variants with lipid traits in the Indian population
GK Walia, V Gupta, A Aggarwal, M Asghar, F Dudbridge, N Timpson, ...
PloS one 9 (7), e101688, 2014
Calcitonin gene-related peptide modulates heat nociception in the human brain-an fMRI study in healthy volunteers
MS Asghar, L Becerra, HBW Larsson, D Borsook, M Ashina
PLoS One 11 (3), e0150334, 2016
Secondary hyperalgesia phenotypes exhibit differences in brain activation during noxious stimulation
MS Asghar, MP Pereira, MU Werner, J Mrtensson, HBW Larsson, ...
PLoS One 10 (1), e0114840, 2015
Prevalence of β-thalassemia and Hemoglobin E in two migrant populations of Manipur, North East India
N Achoubi, M Asghar, KN Saraswathy, B Murry
Genetic testing and molecular biomarkers 16 (10), 1195-1200, 2012
Pharmacological modulation of the BOLD response: a study of acetazolamide and glyceryl trinitrate in humans
MS Asghar, AE Hansen, S Pedersen, HBW Larsson, M Ashina
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 34 (4), 921-927, 2011
Fertility behaviour and effect of son preference among the Muslims of Manipur, India
M Asghar, B Murry, KN Saraswathy
Journal of Anthropology 2014, 2014
A genomic insight into the peopling of Manipur, India
KS Meitei, SY Meitei, M Asghar, N Achoubi, B Murry, PR Mondal, ...
Genetic testing and molecular biomarkers 14 (6), 765-773, 2010
Distribution of ABO and Rh (D) blood groups among four populations in Manipur, North East India.
SY Meitei, M Asghar, ND Achoubi, B Murry, KN Saraswathy, ...
Anthropological notebooks 16 (2), 2010
Isonymy and repeated pairs of surnames among the Muslims of Manipur, India
M Asghar, B Murry, KN Saraswathy
HOMO-Journal of Comparative Human Biology 64 (4), 312-316, 2013
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