David R. Begun
David R. Begun
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Origin of human bipedalism: the knuckle‐walking hypothesis revisited
BG Richmond, DR Begun, DS Strait
American Journal of Physical Anthropology: The Official Publication of the …, 2001
Miocene fossil hominids and the chimp-human clade
DR Begun
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Relations among the great apes and humans: New interpretations based on the fossil great ape Dryopithecus
DR Begun
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DR Begun, CV Ward, MD Rose
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Fossil record of Miocene hominoids
DR Begun
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The endocast
D Begun, A Walker
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European hominoids
DR Begun
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Phyletic diversity and locomotion in primitive European hominids
DR Begun
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New catarrhine phalanges from Rudabánya (Northeastern Hungary) and the problem of parallelism and convergence in hominoid postcranial morphology
DR Begun
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Function, phylogeny, and fossils: Miocene hominoid evolution and adaptations
DR Begun, CV Ward, MD Rose
Springer Science & Business Media, 2013
Recent advances on multidisciplinary research at Rudabánya, Late Miocene (MN9), Hungary: a compendium
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DR Begun, L Kordos
Function, phylogeny, and fossils: Miocene Hominoid evolution and adaptations …, 1997
Locomotor activity influences muscle architecture and bone growth but not muscle attachment site morphology
KN Rabey, DJ Green, AB Taylor, DR Begun, BG Richmond, SC McFarlin
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The oldest Eurasian hominoid
EPJ Heizmann, DR Begun
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Restoration of the type and palate of Ankarapithecus meteai: Taxonomic and phylogenetic implications
DR Begun, E Gülec
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Miocene hominids and the origins of the African apes and humans
DR Begun
Annual Review of Anthropology 39, 67-84, 2010
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M Böhme, N Spassov, J Fuss, A Tröscher, AS Deane, J Prieto, U Kirscher, ...
Nature 575 (7783), 489-493, 2019
Broken fingers: retesting locomotor hypotheses for fossil hominoids using fragmentary proximal phalanges and high-resolution polynomial curve fitting (HR-PCF)
AS Deane, DR Begun
Journal of Human Evolution 55 (4), 691-701, 2008
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