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Linda Sandblad
Forskarassistent, Umeå Universitet
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Reconstitution of a microtubule plus-end tracking system in vitro
P Bieling, L Laan, H Schek, EL Munteanu, L Sandblad, M Dogterom, ...
Nature 450 (7172), 1100-1105, 2007
Deciphering the rules governing assembly order of mammalian septin complexes
ME Sellin, L Sandblad, S Stenmark, M Gullberg
Molecular biology of the cell 22 (17), 3152-3164, 2011
The Schizosaccharomyces pombe EB1 homolog Mal3p binds and stabilizes the microtubule lattice seam
L Sandblad, KE Busch, P Tittmann, H Gross, D Brunner, A Hoenger
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Membrane vesicle-mediated release of bacterial RNA
AE Sjöström, L Sandblad, BE Uhlin, SN Wai
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The N-terminal region of amyloid β controls the aggregation rate and fibril stability at low pH through a gain of function mechanism
K Brännström, A Öhman, L Nilsson, M Pihl, L Sandblad, A Olofsson
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (31), 10956-10964, 2014
Dynamic gradients of an intermediate filament-like cytoskeleton are recruited by a polarity landmark during apical growth
K Fuchino, S Bagchi, S Cantlay, L Sandblad, D Wu, J Bergman, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (21), E1889-E1897, 2013
Tubulin dimers oligomerize before their incorporation into microtubules
J Mozziconacci, L Sandblad, M Wachsmuth, D Brunner, E Karsenti
PLoS One 3 (11), e3821, 2008
Electron tomography reveals a flared morphology on growing microtubule ends
JL Höög, SM Huisman, Z Sebö-Lemke, L Sandblad, JR McIntosh, ...
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Trace element landscape of resting and activated human neutrophils on the sub-micrometer level
MJ Niemiec, B De Samber, J Garrevoet, E Vergucht, B Vekemans, ...
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Endocytic membrane turnover at the leading edge is driven by a transient interaction between Cdc42 and GRAF1
MK Francis, MR Holst, M Vidal-Quadras, S Henriksson, ...
Journal of cell science 128 (22), 4183-4195, 2015
Identification of a Haemophilus influenzae factor H–binding lipoprotein involved in serum resistance
C Fleury, YC Su, T Hallström, L Sandblad, PF Zipfel, K Riesbeck
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The role of histidines in amyloid β fibril assembly
K Brännström, T Islam, L Sandblad, A Olofsson
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Enteric species F human adenoviruses use laminin-binding integrins as co-receptors for infection of Ht-29 cells
A Rajan, BD Persson, L Frängsmyr, A Olofsson, L Sandblad, J Heino, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 10019, 2018
Transthyretin interferes with Aβ amyloid formation by redirecting oligomeric nuclei into non-amyloid aggregates
L Nilsson, A Pamrén, T Islam, K Brännström, SA Golchin, N Pettersson, ...
Journal of molecular biology 430 (17), 2722-2733, 2018
The evolutionarily conserved single-copy gene for murine Tpr encodes one prevalent isoform in somatic cells and lacks paralogs in higher eukaryotes
NV Kuznetsov, L Sandblad, ME Hase, A Hunziker, M Hergt, VC Cordes
Chromosoma 111, 236-255, 2002
Peptidoglycan-binding anchor is a Pseudomonas aeruginosa OmpA family lipoprotein with importance for outer membrane vesicles, biofilms, and the periplasmic shape
M Paulsson, KN Kragh, YC Su, L Sandblad, B Singh, T Bjarnsholt, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 12, 639582, 2021
Structural basis for transthyretin amyloid formation in vitreous body of the eye
I Iakovleva, M Hall, M Oelker, L Sandblad, I Anan, AE Sauer-Eriksson
Nature Communications 12 (1), 7141, 2021
Campylobacter jejuni bile exposure influences outer membrane vesicles protein content and bacterial interaction with epithelial cells
N Taheri, AKMF Mahmud, L Sandblad, M Fällman, SN Wai, A Fahlgren
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 16996, 2018
Bacterial outer membrane vesicles induce vitronectin release into the bronchoalveolar space conferring protection from complement-mediated killing
M Paulsson, KF Che, J Ahl, J Tham, L Sandblad, ME Smith, I Qvarfordt, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 9, 1559, 2018
The properties of amyloid-β fibrils are determined by their path of formation
K Brännström, T Islam, AL Gharibyan, I Iakovleva, L Nilsson, CC Lee, ...
Journal of molecular biology 430 (13), 1940-1949, 2018
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