Thomas Posch
Thomas Posch
Limnological Station, University of Zurich
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Harmful filamentous cyanobacteria favoured by reduced water turnover with lake warming
T Posch, O Köster, MM Salcher, J Pernthaler
Nature Climate Change 2 (11), 809-813, 2012
An Improved Protocol for Quantification of Freshwater Actinobacteria by Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization
R Sekar, A Pernthaler, J Pernthaler, F Warnecke, T Posch, R Amann
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 69 (5), 2928-2935, 2003
Morphological and compositional shifts in an experimental bacterial community influenced by protists with contrasting feeding modes
K Simek, J Vrba, J Pernthaler, T Posch, P Hartman, J Nedoma, R Psenner
Applied and environmental microbiology 63 (2), 587-595, 1997
Contrasting bacterial strategies to coexist with a flagellate predator in an experimental microbial assemblage
J Pernthaler, T Posch, K Simek, J Vrba, R Amann, R Psenner
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 63 (2), 596-601, 1997
Seasonal bloom dynamics and ecophysiology of the freshwater sister clade of SAR11 bacteria ‘that rule the waves’(LD12)
MM Salcher, J Pernthaler, T Posch
The ISME journal 5 (8), 1242-1252, 2011
Activity of metazoa governs biofilm structure formation and enhances permeate flux during Gravity-Driven Membrane (GDM) filtration
N Derlon, N Koch, B Eugster, T Posch, J Pernthaler, W Pronk, ...
Water research 47 (6), 2085-2095, 2013
Predator-specific enrichment of actinobacteria from a cosmopolitan freshwater clade in mixed continuous culture
J Pernthaler, T Posch, K S̆imek, J Vrba, A Pernthaler, FO Glöckner, ...
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 67 (5), 2145-2155, 2001
Predator-induced changes of bacterial size-structure and productivity studied on an experimental microbial community
T Posch, K Simek, J Vrba, J Pernthaler, B Sattler, B Sonntag, R Psenner
Aquatic Microbial Ecology 18 (3), 235-246, 1999
Precision of bacterioplankton biomass determination: a comparison of two fluorescent dyes, and of allometric and linear volume-to-carbon conversion factors
T Posch, M Loferer-Krößbacher, G Gao, A Alfreider, J Pernthaler, ...
Aquatic Microbial Ecology 25 (1), 55-63, 2001
In situ substrate preferences of abundant bacterioplankton populations in a prealpine freshwater lake
MM Salcher, T Posch, J Pernthaler
The ISME journal 7 (5), 896-907, 2013
Cell-specific respiratory activity of aquatic bacteria studied with the tetrazolium reduction method, cyto-clear slides, and image analysis
T Posch, J Pernthaler, A Alfreider, R Psenner
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 63 (3), 867-873, 1997
Seasonal successions and trophic relations between phytoplankton, zooplankton, ciliate and bacteria in a hypertrophic shallow lake in Vienna, Austria
J Mayer, MT Dokulil, M Salbrechter, M Berger, T Posch, G Pfister, ...
Shallow Lakes’ 95: Trophic Cascades in Shallow Freshwater and Brackish Lakes …, 1997
The ecology of pelagic freshwater methylotrophs assessed by a high-resolution monitoring and isolation campaign
MM Salcher, SM Neuenschwander, T Posch, J Pernthaler
The ISME journal 9 (11), 2442-2453, 2015
Spatio‐temporal niche separation of planktonic Betaproteobacteria in an oligo‐mesotrophic lake
MM Salcher, J Pernthaler, M Zeder, R Psenner, T Posch
Environmental Microbiology 10 (8), 2074-2086, 2008
Rapid successions affect microbial N‐acetyl‐glucosamine uptake patterns during a lacustrine spring phytoplankton bloom
EM Eckert, MM Salcher, T Posch, B Eugster, J Pernthaler
Environmental Microbiology 14 (3), 794-806, 2012
Autonomous inland water monitoring: Design and application of a surface vessel
G Hitz, F Pomerleau, ME Garneau, C Pradalier, T Posch, J Pernthaler, ...
IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine 19 (1), 62-72, 2012
Spatiotemporal distribution and activity patterns of bacteria from three phylogenetic groups in an oligomesotrophic lake
MM Salcher, J Pernthaler, T Posch
Limnology and Oceanography 55 (2), 846-856, 2010
Phagotrophic ciliates and flagellates in an oligotrophic, deep, alpine lake: contrasting variability with seasons and depths
B Sonntag, T Posch, S Klammer, K Teubner, R Psenner
Aquatic Microbial Ecology 43 (2), 193-207, 2006
Abrupt stop of deep water turnover with lake warming: Drastic consequences for algal primary producers
Y Yankova, S Neuenschwander, O Köster, T Posch
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 13770, 2017
Effects of phosphorus loading on interactions of algae and bacteria: reinvestigation of the ‘phytoplankton–bacteria paradox’in a continuous cultivation system
B Mindl, B Sonntag, J Pernthaler, J Vrba, R Psenner, T Posch
Aquatic Microbial Ecology 38 (3), 203-213, 2005
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