Oscar Laurent
Oscar Laurent
CNRS, Géosciences Environnement Toulouse - Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées
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The diversity and evolution of late-Archean granitoids: Evidence for the onset of “modern-style” plate tectonics between 3.0 and 2.5 Ga
O Laurent, H Martin, JF Moyen, R Doucelance
Lithos 205, 208-235, 2014
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JF Moyen, O Laurent, C Chelle-Michou, S Couzinié, O Vanderhaeghe, ...
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JF Moyen, O Laurent
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Earth’s earliest granitoids are crystal-rich magma reservoirs tapped by silicic eruptions
O Laurent, J Björnsen, JF Wotzlaw, S Bretscher, M Pimenta Silva, ...
Nature Geoscience 13, 163-169, 2020
Depressurization and boiling of a single magmatic fluid as a mechanism for tin-tungsten deposit formation
M Korges, P Weis, V Lüders, O Laurent
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Protracted, coeval crust and mantle melting during Variscan late-orogenic evolution: U–Pb dating in the eastern French Massif Central
O Laurent, S Couzinié, A Zeh, O Vanderhaeghe, JF Moyen, A Villaros, ...
International Journal of Earth Sciences 106, 421-451, 2017
A linear Hf isotope-age array despite different granitoid sources and complex Archean geodynamics: Example from the Pietersburg block (South Africa)
O Laurent, A Zeh
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 430, 326-338, 2015
Geochemistry and petrogenesis of high-K “sanukitoids” from the Bulai pluton, Central Limpopo Belt, South Africa: Implications for geodynamic changes at the Archaean–Proterozoic …
O Laurent, H Martin, R Doucelance, JF Moyen, JL Paquette
Lithos 123 (1-4), 73-91, 2011
Contrasting petrogenesis of Mg–K and Fe–K granitoids and implications for post-collisional magmatism: case study from the Late-Archean Matok pluton (Pietersburg block, South …
O Laurent, M Rapopo, G Stevens, JF Moyen, H Martin, R Doucelance, ...
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JF Moyen, V Janoušek, O Laurent, O Bachmann, JB Jacob, F Farina, ...
Lithos 402, 106291, 2021
How do granitoid magmas mix with each other? Insights from textures, trace element and Sr–Nd isotopic composition of apatite and titanite from the Matok pluton (South Africa)
O Laurent, A Zeh, A Gerdes, A Villaros, K Gros, E Słaby
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 172, 1-22, 2017
Paleoproterozoic juvenile crust formation and stabilisation in the south-eastern West African Craton (Ghana); new insights from U-Pb-Hf zircon data and geochemistry
S Block, L Baratoux, A Zeh, O Laurent, O Bruguier, M Jessell, L Ailleres, ...
Precambrian Research 287, 1-30, 2016
Evaluating the reliability of U–Pb laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) carbonate geochronology: matrix issues and a potential calcite …
M Guillong, JF Wotzlaw, N Looser, O Laurent
Geochronology 2 (1), 155-167, 2020
Differentiation of the late-Archaean sanukitoid series and some implications for crustal growth: insights from geochemical modelling on the Bulai pluton, Central Limpopo Belt …
O Laurent, R Doucelance, H Martin, JF Moyen
Precambrian Research 227, 186-203, 2013
Pre-Cadomian to late-Variscan odyssey of the eastern Massif Central, France: formation of the West European crust in a nutshell
C Chelle-Michou, O Laurent, JF Moyen, S Block, JL Paquette, S Couzinié, ...
Gondwana Research 46, 170-190, 2017
Flow of partially molten crust controlling construction, growth and collapse of the Variscan orogenic belt: the geologic record of the French Massif Central
O Vanderhaeghe, O Laurent, V Gardien, JF Moyen, A Gébelin, ...
Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 191 (1), 2020
Tourmaline as a tracer of late-magmatic to hydrothermal fluid evolution: the world-class San Rafael tin (-copper) deposit, Peru
M Harlaux, K Kouzmanov, S Gialli, O Laurent, A Rielli, A Dini, A Chauvet, ...
Economic Geology 115 (8), 1665-1697, 2020
LA-ICP-MS dating of zircons from Meso-and Neoarchean granitoids of the Pietersburg block (South Africa): crustal evolution at the northern margin of the Kaapvaal craton
O Laurent, JL Paquette, H Martin, R Doucelance, JF Moyen
Precambrian Research 230, 209-226, 2013
Accessory mineral constraints on crustal evolution: elemental fingerprints for magma discrimination
E Bruand, M Fowler, C Storey, O Laurent, C Antoine, M Guitreau, ...
Geochemical Perspectives Letters 13, 7-12, 2020
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