Nicolas Roulin
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Personnel selection as a signaling game.
A Bangerter, N Roulin, CJ König
Journal of Applied Psychology 97 (4), 719-738, 2012
Students’ use of extra-curricular activities for positional advantage in competitive job markets
N Roulin, A Bangerter
Journal of Education and Work 26 (1), 21-47, 2013
Interviewers’ perceptions of impression management in employment interviews
N Roulin, A Bangerter, J Levashina
Journal of Managerial Psychology 29 (2), 141-163, 2014
Honest and deceptive impression management in the employment interview: Can it be detected and how does it impact evaluations?
N Roulin, A Bangerter, J Levashina
Personnel Psychology 68 (2), 395-444, 2015
Social networking websites in personnel selection
N Roulin, A Bangerter
Journal of Personnel Psychology 12 (3), 143-151, 2013
The influence of high-and low-context communication styles on the design, content, and language of business-to-business web sites
JC Usunier, N Roulin
The Journal of Business Communication (1973) 47 (2), 189-227, 2010
Why Your Stigma isn’t Hired: A Dual-Process Framework of Interview Bias
E Derous, A Buijsrogge, N Roulin, W Duyck
Human Resource Management Review 26 (2), 90-111, 2016
A dynamic model of applicant faking
N Roulin, F Krings, S Binggeli
Organizational Psychology Review 6 (2), 145-170, 2016
Extracurricular activities in young applicants’ résumés: What are the motives behind their involvement?
N Roulin, A Bangerter
International Journal of Psychology 48 (5), 871-880, 2013
Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater: Comparing data quality of crowdsourcing, online panels, and student samples
N Roulin
Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and …, 2015
Understanding the academic–practitioner gap for structured interviews:‘behavioral’interviews diffuse,‘structured’interviews do not
N Roulin, A Bangerter
International Journal of Selection and Assessment 20 (2), 149-158, 2012
The Influence of Employers' Use of Social Networking Websites in Selection, Online Self‐promotion, and Personality on the Likelihood of Faux Pas Postings
N Roulin
International Journal of Selection and Assessment 22 (1), 80-87, 2014
Cultural, national, and industry-level differences in B2B web site design and content
JC Usunier, N Roulin, BS Ivens
International Journal of Electronic Commerce 14 (2), 41-88, 2009
How to satisfy and retain personnel despite job-market shortage: Multilevel predictors of nurses’ job satisfaction and intent to leave.
N Roulin, E Mayor, A Bangerter
Swiss Journal of Psychology 73 (1), 13-24, 2014
The uniqueness effect in selection interviews.
N Roulin, A Bangerter, E Yerly
Journal of Personnel Psychology 10 (1), 43, 2011
Once an Impression Manager, Always an Impression Manager? Antecedents of Honest and Deceptive Impression Management Use and Variability across Multiple Job Interviews
N Roulin, J Bourdage
Frontiers in Psychology, 2017
When winning is everything: The relationship between competitive worldviews and job applicant faking
N Roulin, F Krings
Applied Psychology: An International Review 65 (4), 643–670, 2016
Cues to deception in the employment interview
L Schneider, DM Powell, N Roulin
International Journal of Selection and Assessment 23 (2), 182-190, 2015
Using Blatant Extreme Responding for Detecting Faking in High-stakes Selection: Construct validity, relationship with general mental ability, and subgroup differences
J Levashina, JA Weekley, N Roulin, E Hauck
International Journal of Selection and Assessment 22 (4), 371-383, 2014
Individual Differences Predicting Impression Management Detection in Job Interviews
N Roulin
Personnel Assessment and Decisions 2 (1), 1-11, 2016
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