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Photoremovable protecting groups in chemistry and biology: reaction mechanisms and efficacy
P Klán, T Solomek, CG Bochet, A Blanc, R Givens, M Rubina, V Popik, ...
Chemical reviews 113 (1), 119-191, 2013
Quantification of brain cholinergic denervation in Alzheimer’s disease using PET imaging with [18F]-FEOBV
M Aghourian, C Legault-Denis, JP Soucy, P Rosa-Neto, S Gauthier, ...
Molecular psychiatry 22 (11), 1531-1538, 2017
Where in-vivo imaging meets cytoarchitectonics: the relationship between cortical thickness and neuronal density measured with high-resolution [18F] flumazenil-PET
C la Fougère, S Grant, A Kostikov, R Schirrmacher, P Gravel, ...
Neuroimage 56 (3), 951-960, 2011
In vivo evaluation of 18F-SiFAlin–modified TATE: a potential challenge for 68Ga-DOTATATE, the clinical gold standard for somatostatin receptor imaging with PET
S Niedermoser, J Chin, C Wängler, A Kostikov, V Bernard-Gauthier, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 56 (7), 1100-1105, 2015
One-step 18F-labeling of peptides for positron emission tomography imaging using the SiFA methodology
C Wängler, S Niedermoser, J Chin, K Orchowski, E Schirrmacher, ...
nature protocols 7 (11), 1946-1955, 2012
Silicon-[18F]Fluorine Radiochemistry: Basics, Applications and Challenges
C Wängler, A Kostikov, J Zhu, J Chin, B Wängler, R Schirrmacher
Applied Sciences 2 (2), 277-302, 2012
Oxalic Acid Supported Si–18F-Radiofluorination: One-Step Radiosynthesis of N-Succinimidyl 3-(Di-tert-butyl[18F]fluorosilyl)benzoate ([18F]SiFB) for Protein …
AP Kostikov, J Chin, K Orchowski, S Niedermoser, MM Kovacevic, ...
Bioconjugate chemistry 23 (1), 106-114, 2012
18F‐Labeled Silicon‐Based Fluoride Acceptors: Potential Opportunities for Novel Positron Emitting Radiopharmaceuticals
V Bernard-Gauthier, C Wängler, E Schirrmacher, A Kostikov, K Jurkschat, ...
BioMed research international 2014 (1), 454503, 2014
[18F] Azadibenzocyclooctyne ([18F] ADIBO): A biocompatible radioactive labeling synthon for peptides using catalyst free [3+ 2] cycloaddition
S Arumugam, J Chin, R Schirrmacher, VV Popik, AP Kostikov
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 21 (23), 6987-6991, 2011
N-(4-(di-tert-butyl [18F] fluorosilyl) benzyl)-2-hydroxy-N, N-dimethylethylammonium bromide ([18F] SiFAN+ Br−): A novel lead compound for the development of hydrophilic SiFA …
AP Kostikov, L Iovkova, J Chin, E Schirrmacher, B Wängler, C Wängler, ...
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry 132 (1), 27-34, 2011
Multimodal imaging in rat model recapitulates Alzheimer's disease biomarkers abnormalities
MJ Parent, ER Zimmer, M Shin, MS Kang, VS Fonov, A Mathieu, A Aliaga, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 37 (50), 12263-12271, 2017
Cholinergic Depletion in Alzheimer’s Disease Shown by [18F]FEOBV Autoradiography
MJ Parent, MA Bedard, A Aliaga, L Minuzzi, N Mechawar, JP Soucy, ...
International journal of molecular imaging 2013 (1), 205045, 2013
In vivo characterization of metabotropic glutamate receptor type 5 abnormalities in behavioral variant FTD
A Leuzy, ER Zimmer, J Dubois, J Pruessner, C Cooperman, JP Soucy, ...
Brain structure and function 221, 1387-1402, 2016
External awareness and GABA—A multimodal imaging study combining fMRI and [18F]flumazenil‐PET
C Wiebking, NW Duncan, P Qin, DJ Hayes, O Lyttelton, P Gravel, ...
Human Brain Mapping 35 (1), 173-184, 2014
Protein labeling with the labeling precursor [18F]SiFA-SH for positron emission tomography
B Wängler, AP Kostikov, S Niedermoser, J Chin, K Orchowski, ...
nature protocols 7 (11), 1964-1969, 2012
2, 5-Dihydroxybenzyl and (1, 4-dihydroxy-2-naphthyl) methyl, novel reductively armed photocages for the hydroxyl moiety
AP Kostikov, VV Popik
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 72 (24), 9190-9194, 2007
Identification of 18F TRACK, a Fluorine-18-Labeled Tropomyosin Receptor Kinase (Trk) Inhibitor for PET Imaging
V Bernard-Gauthier, AV Mossine, A Mahringer, A Aliaga, JJ Bailey, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry, 2017
PET imaging of cholinergic deficits in rats using [18F] fluoroethoxybenzovesamicol ([18F] FEOBV)
M Parent, MA Bedard, A Aliaga, JP Soucy, EL St-Pierre, M Cyr, A Kostikov, ...
Neuroimage 62 (1), 555-561, 2012
Caging of carbonyl compounds as photolabile (2, 5-dihydroxyphenyl) ethylene glycol acetals
AP Kostikov, N Malashikhina, VV Popik
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 74 (4), 1802-1804, 2009
Syntheses and evaluation of carbon-11-and fluorine-18-radiolabeled pan-tropomyosin receptor kinase (Trk) inhibitors: exploration of the 4-aza-2-oxindole scaffold as Trk PET …
V Bernard-Gauthier, A Aliaga, A Aliaga, M Boudjemeline, R Hopewell, ...
ACS Chemical Neuroscience 6 (2), 260-276, 2015
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