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Mechanical properties of cortical bone and their relationships with age, gender, composition and microindentation properties in the elderly
MJ Mirzaali, JJ Schwiedrzik, S Thaiwichai, JP Best, J Michler, PK Zysset, ...
Bone 93, 196-211, 2016
In situ micropillar compression reveals superior strength and ductility but an absence of damage in lamellar bone
J Schwiedrzik, R Raghavan, A Bürki, V LeNader, U Wolfram, J Michler, ...
Nature materials 13 (7), 740-747, 2014
Periodontal ligament hydrostatic pressure with areas of root resorption after application of a continuous torque moment: a study using identical extracted maxillary human premolars
A Hohmann, U Wolfram, M Geiger, A Boryor, C Sander, R Faltin, K Faltin, ...
The Angle Orthodontist 77 (4), 653-659, 2007
In vivo degradation of low temperature calcium and magnesium phosphate ceramics in a heterotopic model
U Klammert, A Ignatius, U Wolfram, T Reuther, U Gbureck
Acta biomaterialia 7 (9), 3469-3475, 2011
High‐resolution ZTE imaging of human teeth
M Weiger, KP Pruessmann, AK Bracher, S Köhler, V Lehmann, U Wolfram, ...
NMR in Biomedicine 25 (10), 1144-1151, 2012
Autofluorescence imaging, an excellent tool for comparative morphology
JT Haug, C Haug, V Kutschera, G Mayer, A Maas, S Liebau, C Castellani, ...
Journal of Microscopy 244 (3), 259-272, 2011
Rehydration of vertebral trabecular bone: influences on its anisotropy, its stiffness and the indentation work with a view to age, gender and vertebral level
U Wolfram, HJ Wilke, PK Zysset
Bone 46 (2), 348-354, 2010
Effect of subchondral drilling on the microarchitecture of subchondral bone: analysis in a large animal model at 6 months
P Orth, L Goebel, U Wolfram, MF Ong, S Gräber, D Kohn, M Cucchiarini, ...
The American journal of sports medicine 40 (4), 828-836, 2012
Valid μ finite element models of vertebral trabecular bone can be obtained using tissue properties measured with nanoindentation under wet conditions
U Wolfram, HJ Wilke, PK Zysset
Journal of biomechanics 43 (9), 1731-1737, 2010
Post-yield and failure properties of cortical bone
U Wolfram, J Schwiedrzik
BoneKEy reports 5, 2016
Damage accumulation in vertebral trabecular bone depends on loading mode and direction
U Wolfram, HJ Wilke, PK Zysset
Journal of biomechanics 44 (6), 1164-1169, 2011
Fabric-based Tsai–Wu yield criteria for vertebral trabecular bone in stress and strain space
U Wolfram, T Gross, DH Pahr, J Schwiedrzik, HJ Wilke, PK Zysset
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 15, 218-228, 2012
Correspondences of hydrostatic pressure in periodontal ligament with regions of root resorption: a clinical and a finite element study of the same human teeth
A Hohmann, U Wolfram, M Geiger, A Boryor, C Kober, C Sander, ...
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 93 (2), 155-161, 2009
A generalized anisotropic quadric yield criterion and its application to bone tissue at multiple length scales
JJ Schwiedrzik, U Wolfram, PK Zysset
Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology 12, 1155-1168, 2013
Internal forces and moments in the femur of the rat during gait
T Wehner, U Wolfram, T Henzler, F Niemeyer, L Claes, U Simon
Journal of Biomechanics 43 (13), 2473-2479, 2010
Nanoscale deformation mechanisms and yield properties of hydrated bone extracellular matrix
J Schwiedrzik, A Taylor, D Casari, U Wolfram, P Zysset, J Michler
Acta biomaterialia 60, 302-314, 2017
Hydrogels for nucleus replacement—facing the biomechanical challenge
S Reitmaier, U Wolfram, A Ignatius, HJ Wilke, A Gloria, ...
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 14, 67-77, 2012
Compositional and mechanical properties of growing cortical bone tissue: a study of the human fibula
E Lefèvre, D Farlay, Y Bala, F Subtil, U Wolfram, S Rizzo, C Baron, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 17629, 2019
Crumbling reefs and cold-water coral habitat loss in a future ocean: evidence of “Coralporosis” as an indicator of habitat integrity
SJ Hennige, U Wolfram, L Wickes, F Murray, JM Roberts, NA Kamenos, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 7, 668, 2020
Measurement of structural anisotropy in femoral trabecular bone using clinical-resolution CT images
ME Kersh, PK Zysset, DH Pahr, U Wolfram, D Larsson, MG Pandy
Journal of biomechanics 46 (15), 2659-2666, 2013
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