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Promoter hypermethylation of the tumor-suppressor genes ITIH5, DKK3, and RASSF1A as novel biomarkers for blood-based breast cancer screening
V Kloten, B Becker, K Winner, MG Schrauder, PA Fasching, T Anzeneder, ...
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R Lampignano, MHD Neumann, S Weber, V Kloten, A Herdean, T Voss, ...
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Circulating tumor cell PD-L1 expression as biomarker for therapeutic efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibition in NSCLC
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Multicenter evaluation of circulating plasma microRNA extraction technologies for the development of clinically feasible reverse transcription quantitative PCR and next …
V Kloten, MHD Neumann, F Di Pasquale, M Sprenger-Haussels, ...
Clinical Chemistry 65 (9), 1132-1140, 2019
Epigenetic inactivation of the novel candidate tumor suppressor gene ITIH5 in colon cancer predicts unfavorable overall survival in the CpG island methylator …
V Kloten, M Rose, S Kaspar, S von Stillfried, R Knüchel, E Dahl
Epigenetics 9 (9), 1290-1301, 2014
Low expression of ITIH5 in adenocarcinoma of the lung is associated with unfavorable patients' outcome
MM Doetsch, V Kloten, M Schlensog, T Heide, T Braunschweig, J Veeck, ...
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Epigenetic loss of putative tumor suppressor SFRP3 correlates with poor prognosis of lung adenocarcinoma patients
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ITIH5 mediates epigenetic reprogramming of breast cancer cells
M Rose, V Kloten, E Noetzel, L Gola, J Ehling, T Heide, SK Meurer, ...
Molecular cancer 16 (1), 1-22, 2017
ITIH5 induces a shift in TGF‐β superfamily signaling involving Endoglin and reduces risk for breast cancer metastasis and tumor death
M Rose, SK Meurer, V Kloten, R Weiskirchen, B Denecke, ...
Molecular carcinogenesis 57 (2), 167-181, 2018
Integrating circulating miRNA analysis in the clinical management of lung cancer: present or future?
R Lampignano, V Kloten, T Krahn, T Schlange
Molecular Aspects of Medicine 72, 100844, 2020
Abundant NDRG2 Expression Is Associated with Aggressiveness and Unfavorable Patients’ Outcome in Basal-Like Breast Cancer
V Kloten, M Schlensog, J Eschenbruch, J Gasthaus, J Tiedemann, ...
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SNiPER: A novel hypermethylation biomarker panel for liquid biopsy based early breast cancer detection
J Mijnes, J Tiedemann, J Eschenbruch, J Gasthaus, S Bringezu, ...
Oncotarget 10 (60), 6494, 2019
Gene expression analysis combined with functional genomics approach identifies ITIH5 as tumor suppressor gene in cervical carcinogenesis
J Dittmann, A Ziegfeld, L Jansen, M Gajda, V Kloten, E Dahl, ...
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Multicenter evaluation of independent high-throughput and RT-qPCR technologies for the development of analytical workflows for circulating miRNA analysis
A Babayan, MHD Neumann, A Herdean, JM Shaffer, M Janning, F Kobus, ...
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Liquid biopsy analysis using cell-free DNA (cfDNA): Opportunities and limitations
E Dahl, V Kloten
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Liquid-biopsy-Analysen mithilfe zellfreier DNA (cfDNA)
E Dahl, V Kloten
Der Pathologe 36 (6), 572-578, 2015
Liquid biopsy in human non-small-cell lung cancer: Blood-based analysis of ctDNA methylation
H Schulz, M Tator, J Spillner, M Dreher, R Knüchel-Clarke, V Kloten, ...
Der Pathologe 39 (Suppl 2), 193-198, 2018
Correction: SNiPER: a novel hypermethylation biomarker panel for liquid biopsy based early breast cancer detection
J Mijnes, J Tiedemann, J Eschenbruch, J Gasthaus, S Bringezu, ...
Oncotarget 11 (30), 2958, 2020
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