Ameline Bardo
Ameline Bardo
UMR 7194 - HNHP, Département Homme et Environnement, Musée de l'Homme - Paris
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Manual function and performance in humans, gorillas, and orangutans during the same tool use task
A Bardo, R Cornette, A Borel, E Pouydebat
American Journal of Physical Anthropology 164 (4), 821-836, 2017
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CJ Dunmore, MM Skinner, A Bardo, LR Berger, JJ Hublin, DH Pahr, ...
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Get a grip: Variation in human hand grip strength and implications for human evolution
A Bardo, TL Kivell, K Town, G Donati, H Ballieux, C Stamate, T Edginton, ...
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An interdisciplinary approach to the evolution of grasping and manipulation
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Right or left? Determining the hand holding the tool from use traces
A Rodriguez, E Pouydebat, MG Chacón, MH Moncel, R Cornette, A Bardo, ...
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A Bardo, K Town, TL Kivell, G Donati, H Ballieux, C Stamate, T Edginton, ...
Symmetry 14 (1), 71, 2022
Cost-benefit trade-offs of aquatic resource exploitation in the context of hominin evolution
G De Chevalier, S Bouret, A Bardo, B Simmen, C Garcia, S Prat
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10, 2022
Stratégies de manipulation d'outil chez les humains et les bonobos
A Bardo, A Borel, H Meunier, M Lemaire, E Lempereur, JP Guery, ...
Revue de primatologie, 2015
" Get a Grip" dataset from the Me, Human project
A Bardo, TL Kivell, G Donati, H Ballieux, C Stamate, T Edginton, ...
Study of the links between laterality and dexterity in humans in a perspective to better understanding the evolution of human dexterity
A Bardo, A Filippo, A Balzeau
1848es Journées de la Société d’Anthropologie de Paris (SAP) 35 (s)), 2023
Explore the relationship between the brain and the endocast in living humans
A Filippo, A Bardo, E Bardinet, M Didier, M Santin, A Balzeau
1848es Journées de la Société d’Anthropologie de Paris (SAP) 35 (s)), 2023
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