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Betur má ef duga skal
A Arason
Lćknablađiđ 2, 67-67, 2016
Characterization of human lung tissue. Spatial expression of receptor tyrosine kinases and sprouty proteins in situ and in 3D culture
AJ Arason
Azithromycin prevents airway epithelial barrier dysfunction induced by sulphur dioxide inhalation
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Sjaldgćft tilfelli af vöđvabandvefsćxli međ bólgufrumuíferđ í hćgri kinnkjálka
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deltaNp63 Has a Role in Maintaining Epithelial Integrity in
AJ Arason, HR Jonsdottir, S Halldorsson, BE Benediktsdottir, ...
Svipgerđargreining á nýrri lungnaţekjufrumulínu til rannsókna
AJ Arason
Identification of a breast tumor with microsatellite instability in a potential carrier of the hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer trait
S Ingvarsson, JŢ Bergţórsson, J Guđmundsson, A Arason, V Egilsson
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