Susana Ruiz Fernandez
Susana Ruiz Fernandez
Professor, FOM University of Applied Sciences; Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien
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* Immediate allergic reactions to amoxicillin
JM Vega, M Blanca, JJ Garcia, MJ Carmona, A Miranda, M Perez‐Estrada, ...
Allergy 49 (5), 317-322, 1994
With the past behind and the future ahead: Back-to-front representation of past and future sentences
R Ulrich, V Eikmeier, I de la Vega, S Ruiz Fernández, S Alex-Ruf, ...
Memory & cognition 40 (3), 483-495, 2012
Motor limitation in dual-task processing under ballistic movement conditions
R Ulrich, S Ruiz Fernández, I Jentzsch, B Rolke, H Schröter, H Leuthold
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Manipulating the alpha level cannot cure significance testing
D Trafimow, V Amrhein, CN Areshenkoff, CJ Barrera-Causil, EJ Beh, ...
Frontiers in Psychology 9, 699, 2018
Number magnitude determines gaze direction: Spatial–numerical association in a free-choice task
SR Fernandez, JJ Rahona, G Hervás, C Vázquez, R Ulrich
Cortex 47 (5), 617-620, 2011
Cavernous sinus syndrome: a series of 126 patients
S Fernández, O Godino, S Martínez-Yélamos, E Mesa, J Arruga, ...
Medicine 86 (5), 278-281, 2007
Dual-task processing when task 1 is hard and task 2 is easy: Reversed central processing order?
T Leonhard, S Ruiz Fernández, R Ulrich, J Miller
Journal of experimental psychology: human perception and performance 37 (1), 115, 2011
Specific IgE antibodies to vespids in the course of immunotherapy with Vespula germanica administered to patients sensitized to Polistes dominulus
C Juarez, M Blanca, A Miranda, F Sanchez, MJ Carmona, MJ Avila, ...
Allergy 47 (4), 299-302, 1992
Processing two tasks with varying task order: Central stage duration influences central processing order
SR Fernández, T Leonhard, B Rolke, R Ulrich
Acta psychologica 137 (1), 10-17, 2011
Priming the mental time-line: effects of modality and processing mode
B Rolke, S Ruiz Fernández, M Schmid, M Walker, M Lachmair, JJR López, ...
Cognitive processing 14 (3), 231-244, 2013
Placing joy, surprise and sadness in space: a cross-linguistic study
F Marmolejo-Ramos, JC Correa, G Sakarkar, G Ngo, S Ruiz-Fernández, ...
Psychological research 81 (4), 750-763, 2017
Late backward effects in the refractory period paradigm: effects of Task 2 execution on Task 1 performance
S Ruiz Fernández, R Ulrich
Psychological Research PRPF 74 (4), 378-387, 2010
Overt head movements moderate the effect of depressive symptoms on mood regulation
JJ Rahona, S Ruiz Fernández, B Rolke, C Vázquez, G Hervás
Cognition and Emotion 28 (7), 1328-1337, 2014
Manipulating the alpha level cannot cure significance testing–comments on" Redefine statistical significance"
D Trafimow, V Amrhein, CN Areshenkoff, C Barrera-Causil, EJ Beh, ...
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Meningeal lymphomatosis as the first manifestation of splenic marginal zone lymphoma
J Bruna, S Martínez-Yelamos, E Alonso, V Romagosa, J Arruga, ...
International journal of hematology 82 (1), 63-65, 2005
How body orientation affects concepts of space, time and valence: functional relevance of integrating sensorimotor experiences during word processing
M Lachmair, SR Fernandez, NA Bury, P Gerjets, MH Fischer, OL Bock
PloS one 11 (11), 2016
Syringomyelia extending to the corona radiata
L Romero-Pinel, S Fernández, A Torres, C Majós, E Ferran, ...
Journal of neurology 253 (6), 817, 2006
Processing order in dual-tasks when the duration of motor responses varies
S Ruiz Fernández, T Leonhard, M Lachmair, R Ulrich, B Rolke
Universitas Psychologica 12 (SPE5), 1439-1452, 2013
Priming effects between spatial meaning of verbs and numbers are modulated by time intervals: Early interference and late facilitation.
M Lachmair, S Ruiz Fernández, P Gerjets
Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology/Revue canadienne de psychologie …, 2016
The Many Smiles Collaboration:: A Multi-Lab Foundational Test of the Facial Feedback Hypothesis
NA Coles, DS March, F Marmolejo-Ramos, H Banaruee, N Butcher, ...
PsyArXiv PrePrints, 2019
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