Cesare P. Umeton
Cesare P. Umeton
Honorary Professor of Experimental Physics, University of Calabria
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Routing of anisotropic spatial solitons and modulational instability in liquid crystals
M Peccianti, C Conti, G Assanto, A De Luca, C Umeton
Nature 432 (7018), 733-737, 2004
Electrically assisted self-confinement and waveguiding in planar nematic liquid crystal cells
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G Strangi, V Barna, R Caputo, A De Luca, C Versace, N Scaramuzza, ...
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Growing gold nanoparticles on a flexible substrate to enable simple mechanical control of their plasmonic coupling
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NV Tabiryan, C Umeton
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Optics Letters 29 (12), 1405-1407, 2004
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