Martin C. Fischer
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Genomics and the origin of species
O Seehausen, RK Butlin, I Keller, CE Wagner, JW Boughman, ...
Nature Reviews Genetics 15 (3), 176-192, 2014
Estimating genomic diversity and population differentiation – an empirical comparison of microsatellite and SNP variation in Arabidopsis halleri
MC Fischer, C Rellstab, M Leuzinger, M Roumet, F Gugerli, KK Shimizu, ...
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Enhanced AFLP genome scans detect local adaptation in high‐altitude populations of a small rodent (Microtus arvalis)
MC Fischer, M Foll, L Excoffier, G Heckel
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Population genomic footprints of selection and associations with climate in natural populations of Arabidopsis halleri from the Alps
MC Fischer, C Rellstab, A Tedder, S Zoller, F Gugerli, KK Shimizu, ...
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Divergent evolutionary processes associated with colonization of offshore islands
M Martinkova, R Barnett, T Cucchi, R Struchen, M Pascal, M Pascal, ...
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Estimating population structure from AFLP amplification intensity
M Foll, MC Fischer, G Heckel, L Excoffier
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Validation of SNP allele frequencies determined by pooled next-generation sequencing in natural populations of a non-model plant species
C Rellstab, S Zoller, A Tedder, F Gugerli, MC Fischer
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Can evolution supply what ecology demands?
H Kokko, A Chaturvedi, D Croll, MC Fischer, F Guillaume, S Karrenberg, ...
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 32 (3), 187-197, 2017
Italy as a major Ice Age refuge area for the bat Myotis myotis (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) in Europe
M Ruedi, S Walter, MC Fischer, D Scaravelli, L Excoffier, G Heckel
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Genomic Scans Support Repetitive Continental Colonization Events during the Rapid Radiation of Voles (Rodentia: Microtus): the Utility of AFLPs versus …
S Fink, MC Fischer, L Excoffier, G Heckel
Systematic Biology 59 (5), 548-572, 2010
Local adaptation (mostly) remains local: reassessing environmental associations of climate-related candidate SNPs in Arabidopsis halleri
C Rellstab, MC Fischer, S Zoller, R Graf, A Tedder, KK Shimizu, A Widmer, ...
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Bringing together approaches to reporting on within species genetic diversity
D O'Brien, L Laikre, S Hoban, MW Bruford, R Ekblom, MC Fischer, J Hall, ...
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Continental-scale footprint of balancing and positive selection in a small rodent (Microtus arvalis)
MC Fischer, M Foll, G Heckel, L Excoffier
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Disentangling the effects of geographic peripherality and habitat suitability on neutral and adaptive genetic variation in Swiss stone pine
B Dauphin, RO Wüest, S Brodbeck, S Zoller, MC Fischer, R Holderegger, ...
Molecular ecology 29 (11), 1972-1989, 2020
Transmembrane transport and stress response genes play an important role in adaptation of Arabidopsis halleri to metalliferous soils
C Sailer, A Babst-Kostecka, MC Fischer, S Zoller, A Widmer, ...
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 16085, 2018
The genomic basis of adaptation to calcareous and siliceous soils in Arabidopsis lyrata
A Guggisberg, X Liu, L Suter, G Mansion, MC Fischer, S Fior, M Roumet, ...
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Developing a monitoring program of genetic diversity: what do stakeholders say?
R Pärli, E Lieberherr, R Holderegger, F Gugerli, A Widmer, MC Fischer
Conservation Genetics 22 (5), 673-684, 2021
Divergence in Glucosinolate Profiles between High- and Low-Elevation Populations of Arabidopsis halleri Correspond to Variation in Field Herbivory and …
J Buckley, FG Pashalidou, MC Fischer, A Widmer, MC Mescher, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 20 (1), 174, 2019
Genomic signatures of convergent adaptation to Alpine environments in three Brassicaceae species
C Rellstab, S Zoller, C Sailer, A Tedder, F Gugerli, KK Shimizu, ...
Molecular Ecology 29 (22), 4350-4365, 2020
Selecting species and populations for monitoring of genetic diversity
C Hvilsom, G Segelbacher, R Ekblom, MC Fischer, L Laikre, K Leus, ...
IUCN Publication, 2022
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