Marion Leleu
Marion Leleu
Scientific collaborator - Bioinformatician - EPFL - Lausanne - Switzerland
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Cohesins functionally associate with CTCF on mammalian chromosome arms
V Parelho, S Hadjur, M Spivakov, M Leleu, S Sauer, HC Gregson, ...
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T cell receptor signaling controls Foxp3 expression via PI3K, Akt, and mTOR
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The dynamic architecture of Hox gene clusters
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Jarid2 is a PRC2 component in embryonic stem cells required for multi-lineage differentiation and recruitment of PRC1 and RNA Polymerase II to developmental regulators
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Functional analysis of CTCF during mammalian limb development
N Soshnikova, T Montavon, M Leleu, N Galjart, D Duboule
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REST selectively represses a subset of RE1-containing neuronal genes in mouse embryonic stem cells
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Development 136 (5), 715-721, 2009
HTSstation: a web application and open-access libraries for high-throughput sequencing data analysis
FPA David, J Delafontaine, S Carat, FJ Ross, G Lefebvre, Y Jarosz, ...
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A role for mitotic bookmarking of SOX2 in pluripotency and differentiation
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Multiple enhancers regulate Hoxd genes and the Hotdog LncRNA during cecum budding
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Cell reports 5 (1), 137-150, 2013
A multiplicity of factors contributes to selective RNA polymerase III occupancy of a subset of RNA polymerase III genes in mouse liver
D Canella, D Bernasconi, F Gilardi, G LeMartelot, E Migliavacca, V Praz, ...
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GO-SPADE: mining sequential patterns over datasets with consecutive repetitions
M Leleu, C Rigotti, JF Boulicaut, G Euvrard
International Workshop on Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern …, 2003
Detecting long-range chromatin interactions using the chromosome conformation capture sequencing (4C-seq) method
N Gheldof, M Leleu, D Noordermeer, J Rougemont, A Reymond
Gene Regulatory Networks, 211-225, 2012
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