Robert O. David
Robert O. David
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Pore condensation and freezing is responsible for ice formation below water saturation for porous particles
RO David, C Marcolli, J Fahrni, Y Qiu, YAP Sirkin, V Molinero, F Mahrt, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (17), 8184-8189, 2019
Ice nucleation abilities of soot particles determined with the Horizontal Ice Nucleation Chamber
F Mahrt, C Marcolli, RO David, P Grnquist, EJ Barthazy Meier, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18 (18), 13363-13392, 2018
Uncertainty in counting ice nucleating particles with continuous flow diffusion chambers
S Garimella, DA Rothenberg, MJ Wolf, RO David, ZA Kanji, C Wang, ...
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The impact of cloud processing on the ice nucleation abilities of soot particles at cirrus temperatures
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A laboratory investigation of the ice nucleation efficiency of three types of mineral and soil dust
M Paramonov, RO David, R Kretzschmar, ZA Kanji
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Photomineralization mechanism changes the ability of dissolved organic matter to activate cloud droplets and to nucleate ice crystals
N Borduas-Dedekind, R Ossola, RO David, LS Boynton, V Weichlinger, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19 (19), 12397-12412, 2019
Impact of surface and near-surface processes on ice crystal concentrations measured at mountain-top research stations
A Beck, J Henneberger, JP Fugal, RO David, L Lacher, U Lohmann
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18 (12), 8909-8927, 2018
Development of the DRoplet Ice Nuclei Counter Zurich (DRINCZ): validation and application to field-collected snow samples
RO David, M Cascajo-Castresana, KP Brennan, M Rsch, N Els, J Werz, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 12 (12), 6865-6888, 2019
The role of contact angle and pore width on pore condensation and freezing
RO David, J Fahrni, C Marcolli, F Mahrt, D Brhwiler, ZA Kanji
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 20 (15), 9419-9440, 2020
Isotopic fractionation in wintertime orographic clouds
D Lowenthal, AG Hallar, I McCubbin, R David, R Borys, P Blossey, ...
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 33 (12), 2663-2678, 2016
Development of the drop Freezing Ice Nuclei Counter (FINC), intercomparison of droplet freezing techniques, and use of soluble lignin as an atmospheric ice nucleation standard
AJ Miller, KP Brennan, C Mignani, J Wieder, RO David, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 14 (4), 3131-3151, 2021
Protein aggregates nucleate ice: the example of apoferritin
M Cascajo-Castresana, RO David, MA Iriarte-Alonso, AM Bittner, ...
Microphysical investigation of the seeder and feeder region of an Alpine mixed-phase cloud
F Ramelli, J Henneberger, RO David, J Bhl, M Radenz, P Seifert, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 21 (9), 6681-6706, 2021
Influence of low-level blocking and turbulence on the microphysics of a mixed-phase cloud in an inner-Alpine valley
F Ramelli, J Henneberger, RO David, A Lauber, JT Pasquier, J Wieder, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 21 (6), 5151-5172, 2021
Spatial and temporal variability in the ice-nucleating ability of alpine snowmelt and extension to frozen cloud fraction
KP Brennan, RO David, N Borduas-Dedekind
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Mixed-phase orographic cloud microphysics during StormVEx and IFRACS
DH Lowenthal, A Hallar, RO David, IB McCubbin, RD Borys, GG Mace
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Ice Nucleation Ability of Tree Pollen Altered by Atmospheric Processing
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Global radiative impacts of mineral dust perturbations through stratiform clouds
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Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 125 (23), e2019JD031807, 2020
Elucidating Ice Nucleating Particle Concentrations in the Arctic: Investigating Predictability from Parameterizations and Fresh Snow Samples
J Wieder, G Li, J Pasquier, K Ebell, R David, J Henneberger, U Lohmann, ...
AGU Fall Meeting 2020, 2020
Measuring Ice Nucleating Particles from Space: Do they Influence Southern Ocean Mixed-phase Clouds?
T Carlsen, R David, T Storelvmo
AGU Fall Meeting 2020, 2020
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