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Proteome-wide analysis of arginine monomethylation reveals widespread occurrence in human cells
SC Larsen, KB Sylvestersen, A Mund, D Lyon, M Mullari, MV Madsen, ...
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Metaproteomics of saliva identifies human protein markers specific for individuals with periodontitis and dental caries compared to orally healthy controls
D Belstrøm, RR Jersie-Christensen, D Lyon, C Damgaard, LJ Jensen, ...
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Drought and recovery: independently regulated processes highlighting the importance of protein turnover dynamics and translational regulation in Medicago truncatula
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Medicago truncatula and Glycine max: Different Drought Tolerance and Similar Local Response of the Root Nodule Proteome
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Avoiding abundance bias in the functional annotation of posttranslationally modified proteins
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IA Hendriks, D Lyon, D Su, NH Skotte, JA Daniel, LJ Jensen, ML Nielsen
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Systems-wide analysis of serine ADP-ribosylation reveals widespread occurrence and site-specific overlap with phosphorylation
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STRING v11: protein–protein association networks with increased coverage, supporting functional discovery in genome-wide experimental datasets
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