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Multifunctional bracts enhance plant fitness during flowering and seed development in Rheum nobile (Polygonaceae), a giant herb endemic to the high Himalayas
B Song, ZQ Zhang, J Stöcklin, Y Yang, Y Niu, JG Chen, H Sun
Oecologia 172 (2), 359-370, 2013
Survival and reproduction of plant species in the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau
H Sun, Y Niu, YS CHEN, B Song, CQ LIU, DL PENG, JG CHEN, Y Yang
Journal of Systematics and Evolution 52 (3), 378-396, 2014
Grey leaves in an alpine plant: a cryptic colouration to avoid attack?
Y Niu, G Chen, DL Peng, B Song, Y Yang, ZM Li, H Sun
New Phytologist 203 (3), 953-963, 2014
A new pollinating seed‐consuming mutualism between Rheum nobile and a fly fungus gnat, Bradysia sp., involving pollinator attraction by a specific floral compound
B Song, G Chen, J Stöcklin, DL Peng, Y Niu, ZM Li, H Sun
New Phytologist 203 (4), 1109-1118, 2014
Habitat-specific responses of seed germination and seedling establishment to soil water condition in two Rheum species in the high Sino-Himalayas
B Song, J Stöcklin, YQ Gao, ZQ Zhang, Y Yang, ZM Li, H Sun
Ecological research 28 (4), 643-651, 2013
Woolly and overlapping leaves dampen temperature fluctuations in reproductive organ of an alpine Himalayan forb
DL Peng, Y Niu, B Song, JG Chen, ZM Li, Y Yang, H Sun
Journal of Plant Ecology 8 (2), 159-165, 2015
Advances in the studies of reproductive strategies of alpine plants.
D Peng, Z Zhang, Y Niu, Y Yang, B Song, H Sun, Z Li
Biodiversity Science 20 (3), 286-299, 2012
Pollinator attraction in Cornus capitata (Cornaceae): the relative role of visual and olfactory cues
B Song, Y Niu, J Stöcklin, G Chen, DL Peng, YQ Gao, H Sun
Journal of Plant Ecology 8 (2), 173-181, 2015
彭德力, 张志强, 牛洋, 杨扬, 宋波, 孙航, 李志敏
生物多样性 20 (3), 286, 2012
The bracts of the alpine ‘glasshouse’ plant Rheum alexandrae (Polygonaceae) enhance reproductive fitness of its pollinating seed-consuming mutualist
B Song, J Stöcklin, D Peng, Y Gao, H Sun
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 179 (2), 349-359, 2015
Seed and microsite limitation in Rheum nobile, a rare and endemic plant from the subnival zone of Sino-Himalaya
B Song, J Stöcklin, Z Zhang, Y Yang, H Sun
Plant Ecology & Diversity 6 (3-4), 503-509, 2013
Advances in the studies of plant diversity and ecological adaptation in the subnival ecosystem of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Y Yang, J Chen, B Song, Y Niu, D Peng, J Zhang, T Deng, D Luo, X Ma, ...
Chinese Science Bulletin 64 (27), 2856-2864, 2019
Seed dormancy and germination characteristics of two Rheum species in the Himalaya-Hengduan Mountains
D Peng, Z Chen, X Hu, Z Li, B Song, H Sun
Plant diversity 39 (4), 180-186, 2017
Plants are more likely to be spiny at mid‐elevations in the Qinghai‐Tibetan Plateau, south‐western China
B Song, L Sun, S Lev‐Yadun, AT Moles, S Zhang, X Jiang, Y Gao, Q Xu, ...
Journal of Biogeography 47 (1), 250-260, 2020
Corolla retention after pollination facilitates the development of fertilized ovules in Fritillaria delavayi (Liliaceae)
Y Gao, C Wang, B Song, F Du
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 1-8, 2019
Reversible colour change in leaves enhances pollinator attraction and reproductive success in Saururus chinensis (Saururaceae)
B Song, J Stöcklin, WS Armbruster, Y Gao, D Peng, H Sun
Annals of botany 121 (4), 641-650, 2018
Spinescent patterns in the flora of Jiaozi Snow Mountain, southwestern China
Q Xu, S Lev-Yadun, L Sun, Z Chen, B Song, H Sun
Plant diversity 42 (2), 83-91, 2020
Higher elevations tend to have higher proportion of plant species with glandular Trichomes
R Wu, S Lev-Yadun, L Sun, H Sun, B Song
Frontiers in plant science 12, 632464, 2021
Ultraviolet screening increases with elevation in translucent bracts of Rheum nobile (Polygonaceae), an alpine ‘glasshouse’ plant from the high Himalayas
B Song, Y Gao, J Stöcklin, M Song, L Sun, H Sun
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 193 (2), 276-286, 2020
Oviposition by mutualistic seed-consuming pollinators reduces fruit abortion in a recently discovered pollination mutualism
B Song, J Stöcklin, YQ Gao, DL Peng, MS Song, H Sun
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-11, 2016
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