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Review of dissolved pollutants in urban storm water and their removal and fate in bioretention cells
GH LeFevre, KH Paus, P Natarajan, JS Gulliver, PJ Novak, RM Hozalski
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Effect of protein, polysaccharide, and oxygen concentration profiles on biofilm cohesiveness
F Ahimou, MJ Semmens, G Haugstad, PJ Novak
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A novel in situ technology for the treatment of nitrate contaminated groundwater
KS Haugen, MJ Semmens, PJ Novak
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Natural niche for organohalide-respiring Chloroflexi
MJ Krzmarzick, BB Crary, JJ Harding, OO Oyerinde, AC Leri, SCB Myneni, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 78 (2), 393-401, 2012
Biofilm cohesiveness measurement using a novel atomic force microscopy methodology
F Ahimou, MJ Semmens, PJ Novak, G Haugstad
Applied and environmental microbiology 73 (9), 2897-2904, 2007
Sources and transport of contaminants of emerging concern: a two-year study of occurrence and spatiotemporal variation in a mixed land use watershed
DJ Fairbairn, ME Karpuzcu, WA Arnold, BL Barber, EF Kaufenberg, ...
Science of the Total Environment 551, 605-613, 2016
Root exudate enhanced contaminant desorption: an abiotic contribution to the rhizosphere effect
GH LeFevre, RM Hozalski, PJ Novak
Environmental science & technology 47 (20), 11545-11553, 2013
The reductive dechlorination of 2, 3, 4, 5-tetrachlorobiphenyl in three different sediment cultures: evidence for the involvement of phylogenetically similar Dehalococcoides …
T Yan, TM LaPara, PJ Novak
FEMS microbiology ecology 55 (2), 248-261, 2006
Enhanced dechlorination of carbon tetrachloride and chloroform in the presence of elemental iron and Methanosarcina barkeri, Methanosarcina thermophila, or Methanosaeta concillii
PJ Novak, L Daniels, GF Parkin
Environmental science & technology 32 (10), 1438-1443, 1998
The impacts of triclosan on anaerobic community structures, function, and antimicrobial resistance
PJ McNamara, TM LaPara, PJ Novak
Environmental science & technology 48 (13), 7393-7400, 2014
The role of biodegradation in limiting the accumulation of petroleum hydrocarbons in raingarden soils
GH LeFevre, RM Hozalski, PJ Novak
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Stimulating hydrogenotrophic denitrification in simulated groundwater containing high dissolved oxygen and nitrate concentrations
MR Schnobrich, BP Chaplin, MJ Semmens, PJ Novak
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Sediment–water distribution of contaminants of emerging concern in a mixed use watershed
DJ Fairbairn, ME Karpuzcu, WA Arnold, BL Barber, EF Kaufenberg, ...
Science of the Total Environment 505, 896-904, 2015
Fate of naphthalene in laboratory-scale bioretention cells: implications for sustainable stormwater management
GH Lefevre, PJ Novak, RM Hozalski
Environmental science & technology 46 (2), 995-1002, 2012
Enrichment of anaerobic polychlorinated biphenyl dechlorinators from sediment with iron as a hydrogen source
JP Rysavy, T Yan, PJ Novak
Water Research 39 (4), 569-578, 2005
Passive dissolution of hydrogen gas into groundwater using hollow-fiber membranes
Y Fang, RM Hozalski, LW Clapp, PJ Novak, MJ Semmens
Water Research 36 (14), 3533-3542, 2002
Contaminants of emerging concern: mass balance and comparison of wastewater effluent and upstream sources in a mixed-use watershed
DJ Fairbairn, WA Arnold, BL Barber, EF Kaufenberg, WC Koskinen, ...
Environmental science & technology 50 (1), 36-45, 2016
Quantification of phytoestrogens in industrial waste streams
MS Lundgren, PJ Novak
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry: An International Journal 28 (11 …, 2009
Evaluation of polyethylene hollow-fiber membranes for hydrogen delivery to support reductive dechlorination in a soil column
X Ma, PJ Novak, LW Clapp, MJ Semmens, RM Hozalski
Water Research 37 (12), 2905-2918, 2003
The effect of thermal hydrolysis pretreatment on the anaerobic degradation of nonylphenol and short-chain nonylphenol ethoxylates in digested biosolids
PJ McNamara, CA Wilson, MT Wogen, SN Murthy, JT Novak, PJ Novak
Water research 46 (9), 2937-2946, 2012
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