Nemanja Danilovic
Nemanja Danilovic
Electric Hydrogen
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Improving the hydrogen oxidation reaction rate by promotion of hydroxyl adsorption
D Strmcnik, M Uchimura, C Wang, R Subbaraman, N Danilovic, ...
Nature chemistry 5 (4), 300-306, 2013
Enhancing the Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Activity through the Bifunctionality of Ni(OH)2/Metal Catalysts
N Danilovic, R Subbaraman, D Strmcnik, KC Chang, AP Paulikas, ...
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K Ayers, N Danilovic, R Ouimet, M Carmo, B Pivovar, M Bornstein
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A non-precious metal hydrogen catalyst in a commercial polymer electrolyte membrane electrolyser
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Earth-abundant oxygen electrocatalysts for alkaline anion-exchange-membrane water electrolysis: effects of catalyst conductivity and comparison with performance in threeá…
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Correlation of Fuel Cell Anode Electrocatalytic and ex situ Catalytic Activity of Perovskites La0.75Sr0.25Cr0.5X0.5O3−δ (X = Ti, Mn, Fe, Co)
N Danilovic, A Vincent, JL Luo, KT Chuang, R Hui, AR Sanger
Chemistry of Materials 22 (3), 957-965, 2010
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