Andreas Fuhrer
Andreas Fuhrer
IBM Research Europe - Zurich
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Qiskit: An open-source framework for quantum computing
G Aleksandrowicz, T Alexander, P Barkoutsos, L Bello, Y Ben-Haim, ...
Accessed on: Mar 16, 61, 2019
Quantum optimization using variational algorithms on near-term quantum devices
N Moll, P Barkoutsos, LS Bishop, JM Chow, A Cross, DJ Egger, S Filipp, ...
Quantum Science and Technology 3 (3), 030503, 2018
Energy spectra of quantum rings
A Fuhrer, S Lüscher, T Ihn, T Heinzel, K Ensslin, W Wegscheider, ...
Nature 413 (6858), 822-825, 2001
Interplay of spin-orbit torque and thermoelectric effects in ferromagnet/normal-metal bilayers
CO Avci, K Garello, M Gabureac, A Ghosh, A Fuhrer, SF Alvarado, ...
Physical Review B 90 (22), 224427, 2014
Ohm’s law survives to the atomic scale
B Weber, S Mahapatra, H Ryu, S Lee, A Fuhrer, TCG Reusch, ...
Science 335 (6064), 64-67, 2012
Direct Measurement of the Spin-Orbit Interaction<? format?> in a Two-Electron InAs Nanowire Quantum Dot
C Fasth, A Fuhrer, L Samuelson, VN Golovach, D Loss
Physical review letters 98 (26), 266801, 2007
Quantum algorithms for electronic structure calculations: Particle-hole Hamiltonian and optimized wave-function expansions
PK Barkoutsos, JF Gonthier, I Sokolov, N Moll, G Salis, A Fuhrer, ...
Physical Review A 98 (2), 022322, 2018
Tunable double quantum dots in InAs nanowires defined by local gate electrodes
C Fasth, A Fuhrer, MT Björk, L Samuelson
Nano letters 5 (7), 1487-1490, 2005
Tunable effective factor in InAs nanowire quantum dots
MT Björk, A Fuhrer, AE Hansen, MW Larsson, LE Fröberg, L Samuelson
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 72 (20), 201307, 2005
Gate-efficient simulation of molecular eigenstates on a quantum computer
M Ganzhorn, DJ Egger, P Barkoutsos, P Ollitrault, G Salis, N Moll, M Roth, ...
Physical Review Applied 11 (4), 044092, 2019
Factorization structure of gauge theory amplitudes and application<? format?> to hard scattering processes at the LHC
J Chiu, A Fuhrer, R Kelley, AV Manohar
Physical Review D—Particles, Fields, Gravitation, and Cosmology 80 (9), 094013, 2009
Few electron double quantum dots in InAs/InP nanowire heterostructures
A Fuhrer, LE Fröberg, JN Pedersen, MW Larsson, A Wacker, ME Pistol, ...
Nano letters 7 (2), 243-246, 2007
A hole spin qubit in a fin field-effect transistor above 4 kelvin
LC Camenzind, S Geyer, A Fuhrer, RJ Warburton, DM Zumbühl, ...
Nature Electronics 5 (3), 178-183, 2022
Spatially resolved manipulation of single electrons in quantum dots using a scanned probe
A Pioda, S Kičin, T Ihn, M Sigrist, A Fuhrer, K Ensslin, A Weichselbaum, ...
Physical Review Letters 93 (21), 216801, 2004
Atomic-scale, all epitaxial in-plane gated donor quantum dot in silicon
A Fuhrer, M Fuchsle, TCG Reusch, B Weber, MY Simmons
Nano letters 9 (2), 707-710, 2009
Invited Review Electronic properties of nanostructures defined in Ga [Al] As heterostructures by local oxidation
A Fuhrer, A Dorn, S Lüscher, T Heinzel, K Ensslin, W Wegscheider, ...
Superlattices and Microstructures 31 (1), 19-42, 2002
Spin States of Holes in Nanowire Quantum Dots
S Roddaro, A Fuhrer, P Brusheim, C Fasth, HQ Xu, L Samuelson, J Xiang, ...
Physical review letters 101 (18), 186802, 2008
Heavy-hole states in germanium hut wires
H Watzinger, C Kloeffel, L Vukusic, MD Rossell, V Sessi, J Kukucka, ...
Nano letters 16 (11), 6879-6885, 2016
Magnetic-field-dependent transmission phase of a double-dot system in a quantum ring
M Sigrist, A Fuhrer, T Ihn, K Ensslin, SE Ulloa, W Wegscheider, M Bichler
Physical review letters 93 (6), 066802, 2004
Temperature dependence of the nonlocal voltage in an Fe/GaAs electrical spin-injection device
G Salis, A Fuhrer, RR Schlittler, L Gross, SF Alvarado
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 81 (20), 205323, 2010
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