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Nitrogen‐Doped Porous Carbon Nanosheets as Low‐Cost, High‐Performance Anode Material for Sodium‐Ion Batteries
H Wang, Z Wu, F Meng, D Ma, X Huang, L Wang, X Zhang
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Engraving Copper Foil to Give Large‐Scale Binder‐Free Porous CuO Arrays for a High‐Performance Sodium‐Ion Battery Anode
S Yuan, X Huang, D Ma, H Wang, F Meng, X Zhang
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Homogeneous CoO on Graphene for Binder‐Free and Ultralong‐Life Lithium Ion Batteries
X Huang, R Wang, D Xu, Z Wang, H Wang, J Xu, Z Wu, Q Liu, Y Zhang, ...
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Tailored Aromatic Carbonyl Derivative Polyimides for High‐Power and Long‐Cycle Sodium‐Organic Batteries
H Wang, S Yuan, D Ma, X Huang, F Meng, X Zhang
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Electrostatic Induced Stretch Growth of Homogeneous β-Ni(OH)2 on Graphene with Enhanced High-Rate Cycling for Supercapacitors
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General and Controllable Synthesis Strategy of Metal Oxide/TiO2 Hierarchical Heterostructures with Improved Lithium-Ion Battery Performance
H Wang, D Ma, X Huang, Y Huang, X Zhang
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Flexible Asymmetric Supercapacitor Based on Structure‐Optimized Mn3O4/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanohybrid Paper with High Energy and Power Density
Y Hu, C Guan, G Feng, Q Ke, X Huang, J Wang
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In situ generated FeF3 in homogeneous iron matrix toward high-performance cathode material for sodium-ion batteries
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Dendritic Ni‐P‐Coated Melamine Foam for a Lightweight, Low‐Cost, and Amphipathic Three‐Dimensional Current Collector for Binder‐Free Electrodes
X Huang, D Xu, S Yuan, D Ma, S Wang, H Zheng, X Zhang
Advanced Materials 26 (42), 7264-7270, 2014
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Activating Basal Planes and S‐Terminated Edges of MoS2 toward More Efficient Hydrogen Evolution
X Huang, M Leng, W Xiao, M Li, J Ding, TL Tan, WSV Lee, J Xue
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (6), 1604943, 2017
Self-assembled large-area Co (OH) 2 nanosheets/ionic liquid modified graphene heterostructures toward enhanced energy storage
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Rational design of stable 4 V lithium ion capacitor
WSV Lee, E Peng, M Li, X Huang, JM Xue
Nano Energy 27, 202-212, 2016
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