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Molecular detection of pathogens in water–the pros and cons of molecular techniques
R Girones, MA Ferrus, JL Alonso, J Rodriguez-Manzano, B Calgua, ...
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Newly described human polyomaviruses Merkel cell, KI and WU are present in urban sewage and may represent potential environmental contaminants
S Bofill-Mas, J Rodriguez-Manzano, B Calgua, A Carratala, R Girones
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Iron oxide-mediated semiconductor photocatalysis vs. heterogeneous photo-Fenton treatment of viruses in wastewater. Impact of the oxide particle size.
S Giannakis, S Liu, A Carratalà, S Rtimi, MT Amiri, M Bensimon, ...
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Quantification of human and animal viruses to differentiate the origin of the fecal contamination present in environmental samples
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Analysis of the evolution in the circulation of HAV and HEV in eastern Spain by testing urban sewage samples
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Effect of Fe (II)/Fe (III) species, pH, irradiance and bacterial presence on viral inactivation in wastewater by the photo-Fenton process: Kinetic modeling and mechanistic …
S Giannakis, S Liu, A Carratalà, S Rtimi, M Bensimon, C Pulgarin
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Standard and new faecal indicators and pathogens in sewage treatment plants, microbiological parameters for improving the control of reclaimed water
J Rodriguez-Manzano, JL Alonso, MA Ferrús, Y Moreno, I Amorós, ...
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UVC inactivation of dsDNA and ssRNA viruses in water: UV fluences and a qPCR-based approach to evaluate decay on viral infectivity
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Evidence of viral dissemination and seasonality in a Mediterranean river catchment: implications for water pollution management
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Virus transfer proportions between gloved fingertips, soft berries, and lettuce, and associated health risks
K Verhaelen, M Bouwknegt, A Carratalà, F Lodder-Verschoor, ...
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Comparative inactivation of murine norovirus, human adenovirus, and human JC polyomavirus by chlorine in seawater
A de Abreu Corrêa, A Carratala, CRM Barardi, M Calvo, R Girones, ...
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Principal parameters affecting virus inactivation by the solar photo-Fenton process at neutral pH and μM concentrations of H2O2 and Fe2+/3+
E Ortega-Gómez, MMB Martín, A Carratalà, PF Ibañez, JAS Pérez, ...
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Occurrence of water-borne enteric viruses in two settlements based in Eastern Chad: analysis of hepatitis E virus, hepatitis A virus and human adenovirus in water sources
L Guerrero-Latorre, A Carratala, J Rodriguez-Manzano, B Calgua, ...
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Community‐level responses to iron availability in open ocean plankton ecosystems
L Caputi, Q Carradec, D Eveillard, A Kirilovsky, E Pelletier, ...
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Environmental effectors on the inactivation of human adenoviruses in water
A Carratala, M Rusinol, J Rodriguez-Manzano, L Guerrero-Latorre, ...
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Effect of temperature and sunlight on the stability of human adenoviruses and MS2 as fecal contaminants on fresh produce surfaces
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Genetic, Structural, and Phenotypic Properties of MS2 Coliphage with Resistance to ClO2 Disinfection
Q Zhong, A Carratalà, S Nazarov, RC Guerrero-Ferreira, L Piccinini, ...
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Adenovirus and norovirus contaminants in commercially distributed shellfish
J Rodriguez-Manzano, A Hundesa, B Calgua, A Carratala, CM de Motes, ...
Food and environmental virology 6 (1), 31-41, 2014
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