Sandra Andrea Heldstab
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Maternal outcomes and risk factors for COVID-19 severity among pregnant women
M Vouga, G Favre, O Martinez-Perez, L Pomar, LF Acebal, ...
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Manipulation complexity in primates coevolved with brain size and terrestriality
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Getting fat or getting help? How female mammals cope with energetic constraints on reproduction
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A farewell to the encephalization quotient: a new brain size measure for comparative primate cognition
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An international registry for emergent pathogens and pregnancy
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Allomaternal care, brains and fertility in mammals: who cares matters
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Geographical Origin, Delayed Implantation, and Induced Ovulation Explain Reproductive Seasonality in the Carnivora
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Latitude, life history and sexual size dimorphism correlate with reproductive seasonality in rodents
SA Heldstab
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Extended parental provisioning and variation in vertebrate brain sizes
CP van Schaik, Z Song, C Schuppli, SM Drobniak, SA Heldstab, ...
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Maternal Outcomes and Risk Factors for Severity Among Pregnant Women With COVID-19: A Case Control Study From the COVI-Preg International Registry
M Vouga, G Favre, O Martinez Perez, L Pomar, L Forcen Acebal, ...
Habitat characteristics and life history explain reproductive seasonality in lagomorphs
SA Heldstab
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Environmental Seasonality and Mammalian Brain Size Evolution
SA Heldstab, K Isler
els, Encyclopedia of Life Sciences, 2019
A farewell to EQ: A new brain size measure for comparative primate cognition
CP van Schaik, Z Triki, R Bshary, SA Heldstab
bioRxiv, 2021.02. 15.431238, 2021
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