Massimiliano Mazzone
Massimiliano Mazzone
Group Leader, Vesalius Research Center
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Hypoxia promotes invasive growth by transcriptional activation of the met protooncogene
S Pennacchietti, P Michieli, M Galluzzo, M Mazzone, S Giordano, ...
Cancer cell 3 (4), 347-361, 2003
Anti-PlGF inhibits growth of VEGF (R)-inhibitor-resistant tumors without affecting healthy vessels
C Fischer, B Jonckx, M Mazzone, S Zacchigna, S Loges, L Pattarini, ...
Cell 131 (3), 463-475, 2007
Heterozygous deficiency of PHD2 restores tumor oxygenation and inhibits metastasis via endothelial normalization
M Mazzone, D Dettori, RL de Oliveira, S Loges, T Schmidt, B Jonckx, ...
Cell 136 (5), 839-851, 2009
HRG inhibits tumor growth and metastasis by inducing macrophage polarization and vessel normalization through downregulation of PlGF
C Rolny, M Mazzone, S Tugues, D Laoui, I Johansson, C Coulon, ...
Cancer cell 19 (1), 31-44, 2011
FLT1 and its ligands VEGFB and PlGF: drug targets for anti-angiogenic therapy?
C Fischer, M Mazzone, B Jonckx, P Carmeliet
Nature Reviews Cancer 8 (12), 942-956, 2008
α-ketoglutarate orchestrates macrophage activation through metabolic and epigenetic reprogramming
PS Liu, H Wang, X Li, T Chao, T Teav, S Christen, G Di Conza, WC Cheng, ...
Nature immunology 18 (9), 985-994, 2017
Impeding macrophage entry into hypoxic tumor areas by Sema3A/Nrp1 signaling blockade inhibits angiogenesis and restores antitumor immunity
A Casazza, D Laoui, M Wenes, S Rizzolio, N Bassani, M Mambretti, ...
Cancer cell 24 (6), 695-709, 2013
Tumour hypoxia causes DNA hypermethylation by reducing TET activity
B Thienpont, J Steinbacher, H Zhao, F D’Anna, A Kuchnio, A Ploumakis, ...
Nature 537 (7618), 63-68, 2016
Deficiency or inhibition of oxygen sensor Phd1 induces hypoxia tolerance by reprogramming basal metabolism
J Aragons, M Schneider, K Van Geyte, P Fraisl, T Dresselaers, ...
Nature genetics 40 (2), 170-180, 2008
Role and therapeutic potential of VEGF in the nervous system
C Ruiz de Almodovar, D Lambrechts, M Mazzone, P Carmeliet
Physiological reviews 89 (2), 607-648, 2009
Regulation of angiogenesis by oxygen and metabolism
P Fraisl, M Mazzone, T Schmidt, P Carmeliet
Developmental cell 16 (2), 167-179, 2009
The impact of hypoxia on tumor-associated macrophages
AT Henze, M Mazzone
The Journal of clinical investigation 126 (10), 3672-3679, 2016
Silencing or fueling metastasis with VEGF inhibitors: antiangiogenesis revisited
S Loges, M Mazzone, P Hohensinner, P Carmeliet
Cancer cell 15 (3), 167-170, 2009
Tumor hypoxia does not drive differentiation of tumor-associated macrophages but rather fine-tunes the M2-like macrophage population
D Laoui, E Van Overmeire, G Di Conza, C Aldeni, J Keirsse, Y Morias, ...
Cancer research 74 (1), 24-30, 2014
MET is required for the recruitment of anti-tumoural neutrophils
V Finisguerra, G Di Conza, M Di Matteo, J Serneels, S Costa, ...
Nature 522 (7556), 349-353, 2015
Macrophage metabolism controls tumor blood vessel morphogenesis and metastasis
M Wenes, M Shang, M Di Matteo, J Goveia, R Martn-Prez, J Serneels, ...
Cell metabolism 24 (5), 701-715, 2016
Targeting the tumor and its microenvironment by a dual-function decoy Met receptor
P Michieli, M Mazzone, C Basilico, S Cavassa, A Sottile, L Naldini, ...
Cancer cell 6 (1), 61-73, 2004
Tanycytic VEGF-A boosts blood-hypothalamus barrier plasticity and access of metabolic signals to the arcuate nucleus in response to fasting
F Langlet, BE Levin, S Luquet, M Mazzone, A Messina, AA Dunn-Meynell, ...
Cell metabolism 17 (4), 607-617, 2013
Antiangiogenic therapy, hypoxia, and metastasis: risky liaisons, or not?
K De Bock, M Mazzone, P Carmeliet
Nature reviews Clinical oncology 8 (7), 393-404, 2011
Macrophage skewing by Phd2 haplodeficiency prevents ischaemia by inducing arteriogenesis
Y Takeda, S Costa, E Delamarre, C Roncal, R Leite de Oliveira, ...
Nature 479 (7371), 122-126, 2011
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