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Emergent simplicity in microbial community assembly
JE Goldford, N Lu, D Bajić, S Estrela, M Tikhonov, A Sanchez-Gorostiaga, ...
Science 361 (6401), 469-474, 2018
Functional genomic landscape of cancer-intrinsic evasion of killing by T cells
KA Lawson, CM Sousa, X Zhang, E Kim, R Akthar, JJ Caumanns, Y Yao, ...
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Remnants of an Ancient Metabolism without Phosphate
JE Goldford, H Hartman, TF Smith, D Segrè
Cell 168 (6), 1126-1134, 2017
MAT2A inhibition blocks the growth of MTAP-deleted cancer cells by reducing PRMT5-dependent mRNA splicing and inducing DNA damage
P Kalev, ML Hyer, S Gross, Z Konteatis, CC Chen, M Fletcher, M Lein, ...
Cancer Cell 39 (2), 209-224. e11, 2021
Available energy fluxes drive a transition in the diversity, stability, and functional structure of microbial communities
R Marsland III, W Cui, J Goldford, A Sanchez, K Korolev, P Mehta
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Functional attractors in microbial community assembly
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Genome-scale architecture of small molecule regulatory networks and the fundamental trade-off between regulation and enzymatic activity
E Reznik, D Christodoulou, JE Goldford, E Briars, U Sauer, D Segrè, ...
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Modern views of ancient metabolic networks
JE Goldford, D Segrè
Current Opinion in Systems Biology 8, 117-124, 2018
Glutaminase inhibition impairs CD8 T cell activation in STK11-/Lkb1-deficient lung cancer
SA Best, PM Gubser, S Sethumadhavan, A Kersbergen, YLN Abril, ...
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Environmental boundary conditions for the origin of life converge to an organo-sulfur metabolism
JE Goldford, H Hartman, R Marsland III, D Segrè
Nature ecology & evolution 3 (12), 1715-1724, 2019
Particle‐associated and free‐living bacterial communities in an oligotrophic sea are affected by different environmental factors
D Roth Rosenberg, M Haber, J Goldford, M Lalzar, D Aharonovich, ...
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The Community Simulator: A Python package for microbial ecology
R Marsland, W Cui, J Goldford, P Mehta
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Metabolic flux analysis using 13C peptide label measurements
DE Mandy, JE Goldford, H Yang, DK Allen, IGL Libourel
The Plant Journal 77 (3), 476-486, 2014
Quantification of Peptide m/z Distributions from 13C-Labeled Cultures with High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry
DK Allen, J Goldford, JK Gierse, D Mandy, C Diepenbrock, IGL Libourel
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A roadmap for the functional annotation of protein families: a community perspective
V de Crécy-Lagard, R Amorin de Hegedus, C Arighi, J Babor, A Bateman, ...
Database 2022, baac062, 2022
A thermodynamic atlas of carbon redox chemical space
A Jinich, B Sanchez-Lengeling, H Ren, JE Goldford, E Noor, JN Sanders, ...
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Protein cost minimization promotes the emergence of coenzyme redundancy
JE Goldford, AB George, AI Flamholz, D Segrè
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (14), e2110787119, 2022
Primitive purine biosynthesis connects ancient geochemistry to modern metabolism
JE Goldford, HB Smith, LM Longo, BA Wing, SE McGlynn
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Metabolic similarity and the predictability of microbial community assembly
JCC Vila, J Goldford, S Estrela, D Bajic, A Sanchez-Gorostiaga, ...
bioRxiv, 2023
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