Maria Elena Galvez
Maria Elena Galvez
Sorbonne Université, Faculté des Sciences, Institut Jean le Rond D'Alembert
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Kinetic analysis of the carbonation reactions for the capture of CO2 from air via the Ca (OH) 2–CaCO3–CaO solar thermochemical cycle
V Nikulshina, ME Galvez, A Steinfeld
Chemical Engineering Journal 129 (1-3), 75-83, 2007
Photocatalytic degradation of methyl green dye in aqueous solution over natural clay-supported ZnO–TiO 2 catalysts
P Bel Hadjltaief, H., Ben Zina, M., Galvez, M.E., Da Costa
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 315, 25-33, 2016
CO2 splitting via two-step solar thermochemical cycles with Zn/ZnO and FeO/Fe3O4 redox reactions: thermodynamic analysis
ME Galvez, PG Loutzenhiser, I Hischier, A Steinfeld
Energy & Fuels 22 (5), 3544-3550, 2008
La-promoted Ni-hydrotalcite-derived catalysts for dry reforming of methane at low temperatures
H Liu, D Wierzbicki, R Debek, M Motak, T Grzybek, P Da Costa, ...
Fuel 182, 8-16, 2016
Ni-containing Ce-promoted hydrotalcite derived materials as catalysts for methane reforming with carbon dioxide at low temperature–On the effect of basicity
R Dębek, M Radlik, M Motak, ME Galvez, W Turek, P Da Costa, T Grzybek
Catalysis Today 257, 59-65, 2015
Lanthanum Manganite Perovskites with Ca/Sr A‐site and Al B‐site Doping as Effective Oxygen Exchange Materials for Solar Thermochemical Fuel Production
T Cooper, JR Scheffe, ME Galvez, R Jacot, G Patzke, A Steinfeld
Energy Technology 3 (11), 1130-1142, 2015
Novel Ni-La-hydrotalcite derived catalysts for CO 2 methanation
D Wierzbicki, R Debek, M Motak, T Grzybek, ME Gálvez, P Da Costa
Catalysis Communications 83, 5-8, 2016
CO2 splitting via two-step solar thermochemical cycles with Zn/ZnO and FeO/Fe3O4 redox reactions II: Kinetic analysis
PG Loutzenhiser, ME Gálvez, I Hischier, A Stamatiou, A Frei, A Steinfeld
Energy & Fuels 23 (5), 2832-2839, 2009
Fast and Reversible Direct CO2 Capture from Air onto All-Polymer Nanofibrillated CellulosePolyethylenimine Foams
H Sehaqui, ME Gálvez, V Becatinni, Y cheng Ng, A Steinfeld, ...
Environmental science & technology 49 (5), 3167-3174, 2015
Hybrid plasma-catalytic methanation of CO2 at low temperature over ceria zirconia supported Ni catalysts
M Nizio, A Albarazi, S Cavadias, J Amouroux, ME Galvez, P Da Costa
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41 (27), 11584-11592, 2016
Methane dry reforming over hydrotalcite-derived Ni–Mg–Al mixed oxides: the influence of Ni content on catalytic activity, selectivity and stability
R Dębek, M Motak, D Duraczyska, F Launay, ME Galvez, T Grzybek, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology 6 (17), 6705-6715, 2016
A Short Review on the Catalytic Activity of Hydrotalcite-Derived Materials for Dry Reforming of Methane
R Dębek, M Motak, T Grzybek, ME Galvez, P Da Costa
Catalysts 7 (1), 32, 2017
Physico-chemical changes in Ca, Sr and Al-doped La–Mn–O perovskites upon thermochemical splitting of CO 2 via redox cycling
ME Gálvez, R Jacot, J Scheffe, T Cooper, G Patzke, A Steinfeld
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (9), 6629-6634, 2015
Low temperature dry methane reforming over Ce, Zr and CeZr promoted Ni–Mg–Al hydrotalcite-derived catalysts
R Dębek, ME Galvez, F Launay, M Motak, T Grzybek, P Da Costa
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41 (27), 11616-11623, 2016
Ammonia production via a two-step Al2O3/AlN thermochemical cycle. 1. Thermodynamic, environmental, and economic analyses
ME Gálvez, M Halmann, A Steinfeld
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 46 (7), 2042-2046, 2007
Fe-clay-plate as a heterogeneous catalyst in photo-Fenton oxidation of phenol as probe molecule for water treatment
HB Hadjltaief, P Da Costa, P Beaunier, ME Gálvez, MB Zina
Applied Clay Science 91, 46-54, 2014
Photocatalytic decolorization of cationic and anionic dyes over ZnO nanoparticle immobilized on natural Tunisian clay
HB Hadjltaief, SB Ameur, P Da Costa, MB Zina, ME Galvez
Applied Clay Science 152, 148-157, 2018
Feasibility of Na-based thermochemical cycles for the capture of CO2 from air—Thermodynamic and thermogravimetric analyses
V Nikulshina, N Ayesa, ME Galvez, A Steinfeld
Chemical Engineering Journal 140 (1-3), 62-70, 2008
Enhanced catalytic stability through non-conventional synthesis of Ni/SBA-15 for methane dry reforming at low temperatures
ME Gálvez, A Albarazi, P Da Costa
Applied Catalysis A: General 504, 143-150, 2015
Promotion effect of zirconia on Mg (Ni, Al) O mixed oxides derived from hydrotalcites in CO2 methane reforming
R Dębek, M Motak, ME Galvez, T Grzybek, P Da Costa
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 223, 36-46, 2018
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