Robert M. Healy
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Characterisation of single particles from in-port ship emissions
RM Healy, IP O'Connor, S Hellebust, A Allanic, JR Sodeau, JC Wenger
Atmospheric Environment 43 (40), 6408-6414, 2009
Sources and mixing state of size-resolved elemental carbon particles in a European megacity: Paris
RM Healy, J Sciare, L Poulain, K Kamili, M Merkel, T Müller, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 12, 1681-1700, 2012
Gas/particle partitioning of carbonyls in the photooxidation of isoprene and 1, 3, 5-trimethylbenzene
RM Healy, JC Wenger, A Metzger, J Duplissy, M Kalberer, J Dommen
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 8 (12), 3215-3230, 2008
Quantitative determination of carbonaceous particle mixing state in Paris using single-particle mass spectrometer and aerosol mass spectrometer measurements
RM Healy, J Sciare, L Poulain, M Crippa, A Wiedensohler, ASH Prévôt, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 13, 9479-9496, 2013
Source apportionment of PM2. 5 in Cork Harbour, Ireland using a combination of single particle mass spectrometry and quantitative semi-continuous measurements
RM Healy, S Hellebust, I Kourtchev, A Allanic, IP O'Connor, JM Bell, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 10 (19), 9593-9613, 2010
A denuder-filter sampling technique for the detection of gas and particle phase carbonyl compounds
B Temime, RM Healy, JC Wenger
Environmental science & technology 41 (18), 6514-6520, 2007
Light‐absorbing properties of ambient black carbon and brown carbon from fossil fuel and biomass burning sources
RM Healy, JM Wang, CH Jeong, AKY Lee, MD Willis, E Jaroudi, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 120 (13), 6619-6633, 2015
Ambient measurements and source apportionment of fossil fuel and biomass burning black carbon in Ontario
RM Healy, U Sofowote, Y Su, J Debosz, M Noble, CH Jeong, JM Wang, ...
Atmospheric environment 161, 34-47, 2017
Mixing state of carbonaceous aerosol in an urban environment: single particle characterization using the soot particle aerosol mass spectrometer (SP-AMS)
AKY Lee, MD Willis, RM Healy, TB Onasch, JPD Abbatt
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15 (4), 1823, 2015
Aerosol properties associated with air masses arriving into the North East Atlantic during the 2008 Mace Head EUCAARI intensive observing period: an overview
M Dall'Osto, D Ceburnis, G Martucci, J Bialek, R Dupuy, SG Jennings, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 10, 8413-8435, 2010
Molecular composition of biogenic secondary organic aerosols using ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry: comparing laboratory and field studies
I Kourtchev, SJ Fuller, C Giorio, RM Healy, E Wilson, I O'Connor, ...
EGU, 2014
Effect of Relative Humidity on Gas/Particle Partitioning and Aerosol Mass Yield in the Photooxidation of p-Xylene
RM Healy, B Temime, K Kuprovskyte, JC Wenger
Environmental science & technology 43 (6), 1884-1889, 2009
Single particle diversity and mixing state measurements
RM Healy, N Riemer, JC Wenger, M Murphy, M West, L Poulain, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions 14, 3973-4005, 2014
Characterization of urban aerosol in Cork city (Ireland) using aerosol mass spectrometry
M Dall'Osto, J Ovadnevaite, D Ceburnis, D Martin, RM Healy, IP O'Connor, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 13, 4997-5015, 2013
The use of polar organic compounds to estimate the contribution of domestic solid fuel combustion and biogenic sources to ambient levels of organic carbon and PM2. 5 in Cork …
I Kourtchev, S Hellebust, JM Bell, IP O'Connor, RM Healy, A Allanic, ...
Science of the Total Environment 409 (11), 2143-2155, 2011
Field measurements of gasoline direct injection emission factors: spatial and seasonal variability
N Zimmerman, JM Wang, CH Jeong, M Ramos, N Hilker, RM Healy, ...
Environmental science & technology 50 (4), 2035-2043, 2016
Nitrogenated and aliphatic organic vapors as possible drivers for marine secondary organic aerosol growth
M Dall'Osto, D Ceburnis, C Monahan, DR Worsnop, J Bialek, M Kulmala, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 117 (D12), 2012
Temporal and spatial variability of traffic-related PM2. 5 sources: Comparison of exhaust and non-exhaust emissions
CH Jeong, JM Wang, N Hilker, J Debosz, U Sofowote, Y Su, M Noble, ...
Atmospheric Environment 198, 55-69, 2019
Plume-based analysis of vehicle fleet air pollutant emissions and the contribution from high emitters
JM Wang, CH Jeong, N Zimmerman, RM Healy, DK Wang, F Ke, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 8 (8), 3263-3275, 2015
Single-particle speciation of alkylamines in ambient aerosol at five European sites
RM Healy, GJ Evans, M Murphy, B Sierau, J Arndt, E McGillicuddy, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 407 (20), 5899-5909, 2015
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