Laura R Botigué
Laura R Botigué
Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics
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Hunter-gatherer genomic diversity suggests a southern African origin for modern humans
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Genome-wide diversity in the levant reveals recent structuring by culture
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North African populations carry the signature of admixture with Neandertals
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Mitochondrial DNA structure in North Africa reveals a genetic discontinuity in the Nile Valley
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A 3,000-year-old Egyptian emmer wheat genome reveals dispersal and domestication history
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A roadmap for global synthesis of the plant tree of life
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G6PD deficient alleles and haplotype analysis of human G6PD locus in Sao Tome e Principe (West Africa)
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Worldwide variation in hip fracture incidence weakly aligns with genetic divergence between populations
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Author Correction: High-depth African genomes inform human migration and health
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Close genetic relationships in vast territories: autosomal and X chromosome Alu diversity in Yakuts from Siberia.
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Anthropologischer Anzeiger 70 (3), 2013
Crop archaeogenomics: A powerful resource in need of a well‐defined regulation framework
A Iob, L Botigué
Plants, People, Planet 4 (1), 44-50, 2022
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