Rachele Ossola
Rachele Ossola
Postdoctoral fellow at CSU
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Aqueous singlet oxygen reaction kinetics of furfuryl alcohol: effect of temperature, pH, and salt content
E Appiani, R Ossola, DE Latch, PR Erickson, K McNeill
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Q Zhong, A Carratalà, R Ossola, V Bachmann, T Kohn
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Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences, 2023
Photomineralization mechanism changes the ability of dissolved organic matter to activate cloud droplets and to nucleate ice crystals
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Furan carboxamides as model compounds to study the competition between two modes of indirect photochemistry.
R Ossola, M Schmitt, PR Erickson, K McNeill
Environmental science & technology 53 (16), 9594-9603, 2019
Intriguing C–H⋯ Cu interactions in bis-(phenanthroline) Cu (i) redox mediators for dye-sensitized solar cells
A Colombo, R Ossola, M Magni, D Roberto, D Jacquemin, C Castellano, ...
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Environmental Science & Technology 56 (18), 13449-13460, 2022
Mechanistic insights into dissolved organic sulfur photomineralization through the study of cysteine sulfinic acid
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Kinetics and Pathways of the Aqueous Photolysis of Pharmaceutical Pollutants: A Versatile Laboratory or Remote Learning Investigation
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The chemical landscape of leaf surfaces and its interaction with the atmosphere
R Ossola, D Farmer
Chemical Reviews 124 (9), 5764–5794, 2024
Advancing the Photochemistry of Dissolved Organic Matter: quantification of singlet oxygen and formation mechanism of selected photoproducts
R Ossola
ETH Zurich, 2021
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Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, 1-29, 2024
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Environmental plastics in the context of UV radiation, climate change, and the Montreal Protocol
MAK Jansen, AL Andrady, PW Barnes, R Busquets, LE Revell, ...
Global change biology 30 (4), e17279, 2024
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