Paulo A. Zaini
Paulo A. Zaini
Assistant Project Scientist, Department of Plant Pathology, University of California Davis
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A rhodopsin-guanylyl cyclase gene fusion functions in visual perception in a fungus
GM Avelar, RI Schumacher, PA Zaini, G Leonard, TA Richards, SL Gomes
Current Biology 24 (11), 1234-1240, 2014
DNA microarray-based genome comparison of a pathogenic and a nonpathogenic strain of Xylella fastidiosa delineates genes important for bacterial virulence
T Koide, PA Zaini, LM Moreira, RZN Vêncio, AY Matsukuma, AM Durham, ...
Journal of bacteriology 186 (16), 5442-5449, 2004
Xylella fastidiosa outer membrane vesicles modulate plant colonization by blocking attachment to surfaces
M Ionescu, PA Zaini, C Baccari, S Tran, AM da Silva, SE Lindow
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (37), E3910-E3918, 2014
Grapevine xylem sap enhances biofilm development by Xylella fastidiosa
PA Zaini, L De La Fuente, HC Hoch, TJ Burr
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The iron stimulon of Xylella fastidiosa includes genes for type IV pilus and colicin V-like bacteriocins
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Identification of an operon, Pil-Chp, that controls twitching motility and virulence in Xylella fastidiosa
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Effects of the antimicrobial peptide gomesin on the global gene expression profile, virulence and biofilm formation of Xylella fastidiosa
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The Secreted Protease PrtA Controls Cell Growth, Biofilm Formation and Pathogenicity in Xylella fastidiosa
H Gouran, H Gillespie, R Nascimento, S Chakraborty, PA Zaini, ...
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Molecular profiling of Pierce’s disease outlines the response circuitry of Vitis vinifera to Xylella fastidiosa infection
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Frontiers in plant science 9, 771, 2018
Sequence/structural analysis of xylem proteome emphasizes pathogenesis-related proteins, chitinases and β-1, 3-glucanases as key players in grapevine defense against Xylella …
S Chakraborty, R Nascimento, PA Zaini, H Gouran, BJ Rao, LR Goulart, ...
PeerJ 4, e2007, 2016
Characterization of the Xylella fastidiosa PD1671 gene encoding degenerate c-di-GMP GGDEF/EAL domains, and its role in the development of Pierce’s disease
L Cursino, D Athinuwat, KR Patel, CD Galvani, PA Zaini, Y Li, ...
PloS one 10 (3), e0121851, 2015
Identification and analysis of seven effector protein families with different adaptive and evolutionary histories in plant-associated members of the Xanthomonadaceae
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Trans-graft protection against Pierce’s disease mediated by transgenic grapevine rootstocks
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Frontiers in plant science 10, 84, 2019
Dictyostelium discoideum protein phosphatase-1 catalytic subunit exhibits distinct biochemical properties
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Proteomic and Metabolomic Analyses of Xylella fastidiosa OMV-Enriched Fractions Reveal Association with Virulence Factors and Signaling Molecules of the DSF …
OR Feitosa-Junior, E Stefanello, PA Zaini, R Nascimento, PM Pierry, ...
Phytopathology 109 (8), 1344-1353, 2019
Gracilaria tenuistipitata (Rhodophyta) tolerance to cadmium and copper exposure observed through gene expression and photosynthesis analyses
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Journal of Applied Phycology 30 (3), 2129-2141, 2018
Fimbrial and afimbrial adhesins involved in bacterial attachment to surfaces
PA Zaini, S Burdman, MM Igo, JK Parker, L De La Fuente
Virulence mechanisms of plant pathogenic bacteria, in press. American …, 2015
Development and validation of a Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri DNA microarray platform (XACarray) generated from the shotgun libraries previously used in the sequencing of …
LM Moreira, ML De Laia, RF De Souza, PA Zaini, AC Da Silva, ...
BMC research notes 3 (1), 1-9, 2010
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