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Benjamin Dauphin
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A community‐derived classification for extant lycophytes and ferns
Journal of systematics and evolution 54 (6), 563-603, 2016
Prospects and limitations of genomic offset in conservation management
C Rellstab, B Dauphin, M Exposito‐Alonso
Evolutionary Applications 14 (5), 1202-1212, 2021
Rapid allopolyploid radiation of moonwort ferns (Botrychium; Ophioglossaceae) revealed by PacBio sequencing of homologous and homeologous nuclear regions
B Dauphin, JR Grant, DR Farrar, CJ Rothfels
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 120, 342-353, 2018
Genomic vulnerability to rapid climate warming in a tree species with a long generation time
B Dauphin, C Rellstab, M Schmid, S Zoller, DN Karger, S Brodbeck, ...
Global Change Biology 27 (6), 1181-1195, 2021
Molecular phylogenetics supports widespread cryptic species in moonworts (Botrychium s.s., Ophioglossaceae)
B Dauphin, J Vieu, JR Grant
American Journal of Botany 101 (1), 128-140, 2014
A worldwide molecular phylogeny provides new insight on cryptic diversity within the moonworts (Botrychium ss, Ophioglossaceae)
B Dauphin, DR Farrar, A Maccagni, JR Grant
Systematic Botany 42 (4), 620-639, 2017
The GenTree Dendroecological Collection, tree-ring and wood density data from seven tree species across Europe
E Martínez-Sancho, L Slámová, S Morganti, C Grefen, B Carvalho, ...
Scientific data 7 (1), 1, 2020
Using transcriptome sequencing and pooled exome capture to study local adaptation in the giga‐genome of Pinus cembra
C Rellstab, B Dauphin, S Zoller, S Brodbeck, F Gugerli
Molecular ecology resources 19 (2), 536-551, 2019
Disentangling the effects of geographic peripherality and habitat suitability on neutral and adaptive genetic variation in Swiss stone pine
B Dauphin, RO Wüest, S Brodbeck, S Zoller, MC Fischer, R Holderegger, ...
Molecular ecology 29 (11), 1972-1989, 2020
Biotic and abiotic factors shape arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities associated with the roots of the widespread fern Botrychium lunaria (Ophioglossaceae)
FA Sandoz, S Bindschedler, B Dauphin, L Farinelli, JR Grant, V Hervé
Environmental Microbiology Reports 12 (3), 342-354, 2020
Ploidy level and genome size variation in the homosporous ferns Botrychium s.l. (Ophioglossaceae)
B Dauphin, J Grant, P Mráz
Plant Systematics and Evolution 302, 575-584, 2016
Re-thinking the environment in landscape genomics
B Dauphin, C Rellstab, RO Wüest, DN Karger, R Holderegger, F Gugerli, ...
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 38 (3), 261-274, 2023
The GenTree Leaf Collection: Inter‐and intraspecific leaf variation in seven forest tree species in Europe
R Benavides, B Carvalho, CC Bastias, D López‐Quiroga, A Mas, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 30 (3), 590-597, 2021
Outcrossing Mating System of the Early-Divergent Moonwort Fern (Botrychium lunaria, Ophioglossaceae) Revealed in the European Alps
B Dauphin, JR Grant, DR Farrar
International Journal of Plant Sciences 181 (9), 926-936, 2020
The GenTree Platform: growth traits and tree-level environmental data in 12 European forest tree species
L Opgenoorth, B Dauphin, R Benavides, K Heer, P Alizoti, ...
GigaScience 10 (3), giab010, 2021
The fall of the summer truffle: Recurring hot, dry summers result in declining fruitbody production of Tuber aestivum in Central Europe
BS Steidinger, U Büntgen, U Stobbe, W Tegel, L Sproll, M Haeni, B Moser, ...
Global Change Biology 28 (24), 7376-7390, 2022
Cryptic genetic structure and copy‐number variation in the ubiquitous forest symbiotic fungus Cenococcum geophilum
B Dauphin, M de Freitas Pereira, A Kohler, IV Grigoriev, K Barry, H Na, ...
Environmental microbiology 23 (11), 6536-6556, 2021
A range‐wide postglacial history of Swiss stone pine based on molecular markers and palaeoecological evidence
F Gugerli, S Brodbeck, B Lendvay, B Dauphin, F Bagnoli, ...
Journal of Biogeography 50 (6), 1049-1062, 2023
Synchronous effective population size changes and genetic stability of forest trees through glacial cycles
P Milesi, C Kastally, B Dauphin, S Cervantes, F Bagnoli, KB Budde, ...
BioRxiv, 2023
Prospects and limitations of genomic offset in conservation management. Evolutionary Applications, 14 (5), 1202–1212
C Rellstab, B Dauphin, M Exposito-Alonso
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